My Journey; My Path: My New Walk Day 92

Good morning!! How are you guys?! I had a great night’s sleep. I got seven hours. Yay!! I’m so excited. It’s cold. Where is the warm weather? I miss it. I miss it so much. I hope it warms back up. I’m ready for it to be summer.

Yesterday was a great day. Pam only asked me to do one thing and then she left me alone. I think she’s figured out that Cheryl and I are transferring so she is leaving us alone. I hope so anyway. Cheryl and I hang out regularly. I like Cheryl. I truly do. I don’t always listen and do everything she says. She was in a good mood yesterday. She’s ready to leave and retire. I can’t blame her. She’s tired and wants to enjoy the time she has left. She’s married to a good man and she loves him. Her and her husband Joey have made a good life for themselves. That’s her dream and what she wants. She makes it happen everyday. I’m happy for her. Good news for me. I found some more jobs stuff from Cheryl. I’ll discuss that in more detail on Sunday. I’m very excited about it. Other than yesterday was a good day. My kids behaved themselves. I asked them to do stuff in a polite and respectful manner and they listened. They were quiet for the most part. I know that won’t happen everyday, but it was nice that I didn’t have to worry about the noise level. I also cut up and talked with my kids and joked with them a little bit especially some of my Braxton Craven kids. I like them. I just want them to behave so I can get them home safely. I’m just happy they behaved.

How was your day yesterday? What did you do? Did you work? Were you off work for the day? Please share your day with me. Was it a good day or bad day? Feel free to share. I’ll listen.

Today I’m going to call the doctor. Mom and I had a long discuss on Sunday where I listened because I was in the middle of filling out an application and mom talked about the fact that I need to go to the doctor. I’m going to call and at least get an appointment. I can’t go until after the twenty seven of this month because I don’t get paid until then. I’m hoping she can help me with what’s going on with me. I’m still feeling bad, but not as bad as I was. I’ve made some cutbacks on food and other items and that seems to have helped some so we’ll see what the doctor has to say. Mom says I shouldn’t wait and I should get checked out. I know she’s right and I will. I might as well do it while I have insurance especially if the doctor wants me to see a specialist. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

I love you guys and thanks for all your support. Have a great day!

Always in Love,



My Journey; My Path: My New Walk Day 91

Good morning. I struggled, but I did get six hours so I’m happy with that. I just don’t want to get up and go to work, but I will. I will go because one I need the money and second I need a job until I find something else and third I do love my kids even if they drive me nuts sometimes.

Yesterday was a good day. I had headache, but that’s normal for me on Sunday. The weather is always weird on Sunday and I think my head can sense it so my head starts to hurt. But I did get to see Megan. She texted and asked if mom and I wanted to come over. She needed to vent. She had a rough week with her dizziness due to the Lyme. Mom helped her by doing her dishes. I just listened and stuff while she talked. I also gave her one of my hugs. My hugs cures anything for her. She loves my hugs. My hugs make her feel important and that she’s the only one in the world meaning it makes her feel special. Of course I’m her sister so I can say this, but she’s already special to me. She doesn’t need a hug to prove that, but it makes her feel better and good so I like to give her one. Mom and I went and did some shopping for her and we figured out what she needed. We mainly just talked. She really needed to vent. I actually started to cry at one point because I was just sad. I wanted to do something, fix the problem, but I can’t. I can’t fix anything. All I can do is just be there and listen and support her because that’s what she needs. That’s what she needs more than anything. Sometimes we just need people to listen. We spend so much time trying to offer advice and say the right things and quote all these stupid things that are just empty words, but the thing is what people really want is for someone to listen to them. I try to remember that and sometimes it’s hard for me. I like to talk, but for me to just listen that’s hard. I practice everyday, but sometimes it’s just hard. No matter what I do and no matter how hard I try it’s just hard. It’s especially hard when I know there’s nothing I can do. Because money and all that other stuff the world has to offer can’t help someone. I hate when people try to throw money at something because they think it will help and make everything all better, but it doesn’t. It truly doesn’t help anything at all. I think in the end you’re just making it worse. You truly are. But anyway that’s my opinion. I’ll get off my soapbox now. Just needed to share that. It’s important. So even though I don’t want to go in I will and I will put a smile on my face and do my job to the best of my ability.

Keep me and my family especially my sister Megan in your prayers. She really needs them.

Thanks for being there. Happy Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Always in Love,


My future: Plans and More…

Good morning!! I hope you are doing well this morning and that your weekend has been awesome. Mine has been up and down. I felt terrible yesterday. I actually ended up going to bed early. I feel a little better today, but I have a headache. We are expecting some rain and thunderstorms so that’s probably why.

So I thought I would give you and update. I had a talk with the Lord one day this week and told him I surrender all and I’m all in, but that I was going to make plans and so on. But I told him again I surrender all and I’m all in. Well since that prayer some job stuff has come up. I’ve made some calls and I’ve applied for some more jobs. I’m going to keep calling and let them know I’m interested. Asheboro City Schools called me before I prayed this prayer they are interested in hiring me. I’m up for two positions. One I didn’t apply for and the other one I did. I’m just sitting back and seeing what happens. I’m still praying and seeking the Lord about what to do. I’m still deciding whether to move or not. I really want to move to Wilmington and go to UNCW (University of North Carolina at Wilmington). I’m hoping to find a job where I can transfer so if I move down there and go to school there then I will have a job when I get there. I’ve researched apartments as well, but I didn’t do it to thoroughly because if I don’t then I’ll just stay in Asheboro and move into an apartment there. I think my mom and I both want to move, but we just haven’t really said it out loud to each other. We have, but we haven’t if that makes sense. I would love to take her with me to Wilmington, but we’ll see. So anyway I promised you guys and update so that’s the update. I’ll update next Sunday on what happens next. I’m going to keep praying and seeking the Lord’s face more than ever and see what He has in store.

Have you ever wanted something so much that you can taste, smell, hear it, and so on? I would love to hear about it. Please share. Did you get what you wanted? Share with me what happened and how you accomplished your goal?

Thank you as always for your love, support, prayers, and encouragement. It means so much to me. I love you guys. You’re my family and my tribe. I wouldn’t be here without you. God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Always in Love,


New Book and Other Stuff

Good evening everyone. I just thought I would say hello and see what everyone is up to. What did you do today? I would love to hear your plans.

I have been watching clips on you tube for an Australian soap opera called Neighbors and I love the relationship between David and Rafael. ┬áRafael is played by an actor from another soap opera that he used to play on called Coronation Street. I love the relationship because David is so accepting of Rafael and I just think it’s so sweet. Rafael has been through a lot in his personal life and he’s a very strong character. So I have started to write a new book today based on that relationship. It’s called The Right to Love. It’s about a man named Aiden and he has a brother who is gay and has gotten married, but Aiden can’t accept him. Aiden has a lot going on in his personal life and he has a lady that works for him named Jade. She loves him and she helps him with his business. I don’t know how it happened, but the story just came to me and I started to write it today. I’m really excited about this one. I’ll keep you posted.

Always in Love,


My Journey; My Path: My New Walk Day 90

Good morning!! How are you?! I’m doing well. I got some sleep. I’m so glad to be off today. I got up this morning to find out that my mom got a ticket for not wearing her seat belt. She took it well. I think she’s upset, but she said it was her fault and that my sisters and myself were always telling her to wear it. My sisters and I did warn her she would get a ticket if she didn’t wear it. I always have to remind her to put it on whenever we’re together. Well for me I’m afraid because of my CDL for driving the bus. Anything I do in my personal vehicle affects my CDL so if anything happens then I’m done. No if, ands, or buts about it. But she doesn’t have that, but I think this will be a reminder to her that she needs to wear it and to remember to do it. I feel bad for her. I do even though it’s her fault. The state trooper was really mean to her and he was a jerk. She simply forgot. She didn’t do it on purpose, but he has a job to do. She said that herself.

So yesterday was a rough day. I was just getting easily discouraged, but it inspired me to make some phone calls about jobs I applied for. I’ll tell you more about that on Sunday. My day at the school was great. Pam was gone after an hour or two. I didn’t see her at all or speak to her. I’m so glad. She wished me a good weekend and I wished her the same and then I went home. I didn’t have many kids riding. I’m glad to. Two of my kids are suspended off the bus for misbehaving, but others just didn’t ride. I’m glad. It was less to put up with. They behaved and I’m so glad. Overall it wasn’t a bad day, but it was good. I would say it was fair.

Today I got up, ate breakfast, talked with my mom for a while. I reminded her that she was loved by me and by God and that she always had God’s forgiveness. I thought she needed to hear that. Then I did the dishes, I did my quiet time with God. I actually remembered to do it. I guess it’s become a habit now. Yay! It just makes my day complete. I love it. Then I have plans for the day. I’ll post my agenda in a second. I’m just so glad it’s Saturday and I don’t have to be at work. Cheryl and I just don’t care about anything anymore. We are doing what we need to do, but that’s it. Today is going to be a warm day. I’m glad too. I hate this cold weather. I hope it’s gone forever.

Today’s agenda:

  1. Write
  2. Write blog
  3. Write in journals
  4. Clean bathroom, living room
  5. Laundry- wash, fold, and put clothes away
  6. Plan 16th-30th of April
  7. Job applications

What are your plans today? Please share them with me. I would love to know what you are doing today.

I hope you have an awesome day. I love you and thanks once again for all your support, love, prayers, and encouragement. I’ll see you on Sunday.

Always in Love,


My Journey; My Path: My New Walk Day 89

Good morning!! I got about six hours maybe seven, but I feel pretty good. My throat hurts which is not a good sign, but I’m going to stay positive about that. How are you guys? I hope you slept well.

Yesterday was a good day. Pam left me alone. It’s been awesome. I hope today she leaves me alone and she leaves. Yesterday went very well. I was happy and life was good. I called Asheboro City Schools yesterday and had a great conversation with the lady in human resources. I’ll tell you more about that on Sunday. So made me have a little pep in my step. I told the Lord that I surrendered it all and that I was all in, but that I was doing something whether it was moving to this place or that I told him I surrendered it all and that I was all in. I wanted to make that very clear to him. So maybe this was his way of working not sure. My morning and afternoon routes went really went well. I was glad that most of ATMS kids and Braxton Craven kids didn’t ride. They had afternoon school events. So I only had 26 kids thank you Jesus. They were good. Yay!!

Today is Friday. Yay!! Thank God. I love Fridays!! I have a lot of stuff to get done tomorrow. Tomorrow I start my job searching and applying for summer jobs. I’m thinking of going back to Tanglewood and see if they are hiring. Fridays are always a great day. I get to relax a little bit. I can dress down a little bit from what I normally wear. I normally wear a uniform that I created from my clothes, but Fridays I can dress down and wear something I want to wear. It’s really awesome. Yay!!

So that’s all for now. I love you and have a great day. Have a great weekend. I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Always in Love,


My Journey; My Path: My New Walk Day 88

Good morning!! I got seven hours again and I’m so happy. God is good. How did you sleep? Did you get seven hours or less? What is your nightly routine? I would love to hear. Feel free to share with me.

Yesterday was a good day. Then I had my afternoon route. It was the afternoon route from hell. My kids were out of control. I had to pull the bus over at one point because I saw something flying across the bus and it hit a student in the face. I pulled the bus over and turned it off and asked what was going on. I’ll talk with the two schools about what happened and let them deal with the kids. That’s their job. I think I’m going to ask of my Assistant Principals to ride with me. They have been crazy the last three days and I need them to give me some help. When I got off that bus I was like I can’t wait to get out of here. I’ve made some decisions about leaving. I’ll share more of those on Sunday. Pam has been leaving me and Cheryl alone. When she does speak to us she’s very respectful. I told Cheryl I’m waiting for it because I know it’s coming. It always is. I can’t wait to give her a piece of mind, but I won’t be nasty to her like she’s been to me. I’m just waiting for the right moment and I will tell her. What will I tell her? I’m not sure yet, but I will tell her the truth. Maybe then she’ll finally see that she’ll never have the staff she needs if she doesn’t change. Will she see? Only God can know that. Only God can change her. I’m glad that’s not my job.

So till next time I love you and have a great day. Thanks so much for your support. Any tips or advice about the kids on my bus please share with me.

Always in Love,