My Journey; My Path: The Next Adventure Day 76

Good morning! I hope this post finds you well. It’s Friday y’all!!! Thank God It’s Friday and I have wonderful news.

I finally heard from Sapona and I’m going to start work on Monday. I’m so excited. I go for Orientation on Monday morning at 7am. I’m so excited. I’m truly blessed. I couldn’t be more excited if I tried. I’m just so happy to be working again and that soon very soon money will be flowing in again. I maybe training on 1st shift. I hope not, but we’ll see. I might be training on 2nd shift which is the shift I’ll be working on, but we’ll see. I’m just happy to be working again.

My week has been boring. I’ve sat around most of the time and did nothing. I did go and see my sister yesterday long enough to help her. Megan hasn’t been feeling well this week. So mom and I went to see her. I went yesterday and did some shopping for her. She was so glad I came over. She said I made her day. I’m so excited. I’m glad I made her day. It’s very important for those with Lyme Disease that they have support. I would love to meet some other people who have this disease that don’t have family or friends that support them and be emotionally support for them. I think it would be awesome.

So I’m almost at 400 hundred followers. I’m so excited. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. I couldn’t have done it without your love, support, and encouragement.

Today I’ll be at home because I have no gas to go anywhere. I’ll find something to entertain myself. I’m so thankful to have Netflix and Hulu. Without them I don’t know where I would be. I have finished all 7 seasons of The Golden Girls and now I’m watching the second season of The Paradise. I am really excited. One of my favorite actors plays a bad guy which I don’t like, but he does such a great job with it. So it’s like I love him and I hate him kind of thing. So I’ll probably watch more of that. There aren’t many episodes in the second season. I’ve already watched two episodes so we’ll see what happens. If you have Netflix please check out this show. It is a wonderful show. I love it.

I’m still writing. It’s coming waves. I’ll write for one book this day and the next day I’m writing a totally different book, but I think I’m making some headway. I’ll be posting on Saturday October 6th about what’s going on with my books since I posted last time. I can’t wait to give you guys all the news/updates and such. I’m truly happy and excited. Even though my schedule is going to change I’m going to find time to write. I want to publish one of my books soon and the money will go toward my sister and her fight for Lyme Disease. I couldn’t be more excited.

Well I’m off now to shower and figure out what to do with the rest of my day. I’m excited to be going back to work. At least this weekend will be good for me because I know I’ll be working next week.

So that’s all for now. I’ll be back tomorrow. Please keep my mom in your thoughts and send up some prayers for her or just whatever you would like to. Anything would be appreciated. She’s having to work long hours because the other plant was down by the coast and due to Hurricane Florence it was flooded. I know she’ll be okay and that these long hours won’t last forever, but she’s getting older and I worry about her.

I love you guys and enjoy a restful, relaxing, and wonderful weekend.

Always in Love,


P.S. The first two pics are news one I added. I wanted to put something different. What do you think? I like the one that says Today is Friday! I love the little dance Snoopy and his friend Peppermint Patty does.


My Journey; My Path: The Next Adventure Day 75

Good afternoon everyone!! I hope this post finds you well. I hope it finds you well rested. How do you find yourself today? I’ll be honest. I find myself tired, but in a emotional state. I feel I’m working through something I’m just not sure what that is. It’s so hard to know what to do. I just feel like I’m going on a different path, a different one. I’m going to show myself a lot of love and patience. I know that God will make it alright. Perhaps I’m supposed to go through this. Perhaps this is going to make me a better person. Have you stopped to consider that? Perhaps the things you face you are supposed to go through them because they will make you a better person. We all face trials and hard days. We all face shitty and bad days. It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, what you believe in, or where you live. We all face these. We face different challenges, but we all have a story of how we got to where we are right now in our lives. I’m not sure why we all face these different things, but I do know that it could be because life is so hard. Life is life. Stuff happens. People die, people disappoint us, and life is just hard. I don’t like it, but I do know that there’s nothing I can do about it. I just have to remember that I’m not alone. I’m never alone. When all else fails in my life I have God. When all else fails in your life what do you cling to? What do you have to hold onto? Is it faith? Is it family? Is it friends or something else? You are never alone. You are not alone. I’ll always be here if you ever feel the need to talk. I will listen and give you a safe space to talk about whatever you need. You will not be judged or limited. You will not have conditions on you. I promise you will be loved unconditionally because you are my family. I will fight for you. I’m your biggest fan and your biggest cheerleader.

I want to leave it there, but I don’t know how to. I wish I could promise that everything will be all sunshine and rainbows and that everything will turn out well for you. But I will not lie because I have been lied to and I will not lie to someone else and hurt them the way I have been hurt. All I can promise you is that when all bad, hard, and shitty days come I will be here. I will be here with open arms to hug you and love you.

I’m staying in today and resting. I’m going to take care of myself. I’m going to show myself a lot of love today and patience because that’s what I need. Love and patience are the best self-care about there.

I love you guys and have a great day! See you next weekend!!

Always in Love,


P.S. Although this picture was taken a long time ago I think it describes how I feel today.

My Journey; My Path: The Next Adventure Day 74

Good evening everyone!! How are you?! I’ve been running around like a mad woman. Well not really, but it feels like it. I sat down to finish a project I was working on earlier today and I said to myself “Oh shit I forgot to write my blog.” I’m sitting here laughing as I write this. Today has been a day let me tell you. I’ve had my days, but today was something else.

I woke up with a headache. I took some medicine and tried to go back to bed well that didn’t work. So I got up and started to work on some projects, but I ended up listening to a song on youtube. I got really emotionally. I started to cry. That song always makes me cry. It’s awful. Then I came into the kitchen and all of a sudden out of the blue my mom hugs me and tells me she’s proud of me. I chuckled a little because I was nervous. I’ve never had her to do that before. She’ll tell me she’s proud of me, but she’s never hugged me and told me it in words before. She’ll write it down in a card or something, but she rarely says it. I said okay why. She said because no matter what happens you keep moving forward or something to that effect. I said yeah. We both agreed that it was the only thing you can do. So she goes to work and life goes on. The rest of my day was up and down with my emotions. Everything is irritating and getting on my nerves. I told my mom I’m getting ready to get my period again. I hate periods. Ladies you know what I mean. My periods can be really bitches.

This weekend is going by way to quick. I’m going to miss it when I start working again. I’m… Well honestly I’m crawling the walls. I want to work, but I don’t want to work. But I’m happy to have a job. I’m very grateful. I just… I don’t even know. (Insert laugh)…

I’m catching up on everything I wanted to get done today. Mom doesn’t want to go to church tomorrow. I’m still debating so we’ll see. I kind of want to sleep in and do nothing. We considered a day trip, but we didn’t talk about it too much. We discussed where to go, but nothing else.

Tonight mom and I made dinner and watched a movie. We watched Despicable Me 3 on Netflix and it was awesome. It didn’t have as much action as the first two, but it was still good. I started to watch a new show called The Paradise. It was wonderful. I’ve watched the first two episodes and I’m in the middle of the third one. There are only eight. It’s a British show about a department store. The shop owner falls in love with one of the girls working for him. If you have Netflix and get a chance to watch it. It’s very good. I would highly recommend it.

Well that’s all for now. I’m going to finish my journaling for today and then I’m going to watch more of The Paradise show. I’m very excited about it.

I hope you have had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. I love you and I’ll see you back here tomorrow. Have a great night!

Always in Love,


My Journey; My Path: The Next Adventure Day 73

Good morning!! Hi y’all!! How’s everyone doing today? Oh boy oh boy do I have some wonderful news for you!! I’m so excited. It’s been an exciting week. So let’s dig in.

So I went to my interview on Wednesday of this week to find out that because of the hurricane Sapona had to close down. So they told me to call the temp agency so I did. I called and a very nice lady named Kathy and she said that I needed to call Sapona because they were going to call me anyway since I filled out an application with them. So I called them the next day. Debbie brown in Human Resources got back with me and we set up the interview for Thursday which was yesterday. So I had the interview and I was nervous, but Bill Davis who was my boss was happy to see me. He even shook my hand. He and I talked and he had no problem/issue with bringing me back. He said very nice things about me and my work. I thanked him because that meant a lot to me. Even if he did judge me for what happened in the past I couldn’t see it. He didn’t show it. It was wonderful. It was the best interview I ever had. So I got the job. I will be working for Sapona Manufacturing Inc. once again. I’m going to be an Inspector/Packer on 2nd shift. I’m so excited. I got next Wednesday for my pre employment drug test. I’m so excited. Yay!! Words can’t describe how grateful I am for everyone’s support, love, prayers, thoughts, and vibes. You guys are the best. I couldn’t have done all this without you. You’re family and you mean so much to me.

Mom and I had went to Hobby Lobby to go look around at the Christmas stuff when Chris called. Chris had some tests done and she got good news so she decided to join us. I found some books I liked. Chris bought some stuff she saw that made her happy. My mom bought a little truck to go with the pictures and theme she created on one of the living room walls in our trailer. It was nice to see her so happy. She hugged mom and I and she went home. It was so nice. We had seen her last week, but it was good to see her this week too. When we got the store. I hugged her and then mom and we had a group hug right in the middle of the store. It was so exciting. It made me so happy. My heart was just overjoyed. I was overwhelmed with just beautiful feelings.

Today I am heading over to Megan’s. She needs to do some shopping and what better way to spend family time than to spend it with my sister. Mom is coming over this afternoon to help too. I’m very excited. I’m heading over around ten to be there by ten thirty. Poor Megan. I feel bad for her. She’s just… She works so hard. She’s trying to get better and keep everything straight and then life happens and she has to start all over again. I know that life happens you have to do that, but for her it’s ten times worse because she has a chronic illness. I wish I could do more, but I know what I do for is very helpful. She tells me it is so I’m going to keep doing what I can do for her. I can’t do it all. I’m not superhuman, but I can pray, support, and love her. I can spend time with her and help her when I can. That means more than to her than I’ll ever know. She needs support. She needs emotional support. My family the Wyatt’s if we are good at anything it’s emotional support. We have to be strong and lift each other up.

The rest of the weekend I’m relaxing and now doing anything. I got Netflix now so I can watch tv shows and movies on there as well. So excited to have my own account. Having an account on my dad’s profile was a nightmare.

So that’s all for now. I need to hop in the shower to get ready to leave. I love you and I’ll be back tomorrow.

I love you, I love you, I love you!!!

Have a great day!!

Always in Love,


My Journey; My Path: The Next Adventure Day 72

Good morning one and all. I hope this post finds you doing well. I’m feeling good. I’ve had my green tea and I’m going to eat this leftover biscuit my mom got the other day. Mom and I both decided to not attend church this morning. We still have power and it’s really windy, but it’s not really raining.

Yesterday was a great day. I did good. I got everything done I wanted to. I even did some writing. Chris and Megan kept in touch. Everyone’s safe and doing well which I’m glad for. Mom and I hung out for a while. She went into work at ten because there was a tree down and she couldn’t get through. She got home around three-ish close to four o’clock. We watched movies and talked and had fun. We laughed too. It was an awesome day.

Today is Sunday for us and we are both home. We decided not to go to church. She’s out in the living room doing nothing, but relaxing. I’m going to catch up on some stuff on the computer and then I’m going to watch some of The Golden Girls. I watched several episodes of Season 5 yesterday. I hope to finish Season 5 and get onto Season 7. I love this show. These girls are my rock when I need them them most and since we have a storm they have been very entertaining to watch to pass the time. I’m truly excited. I’ve changed dry erase calendar on my wall near my desk and the calendar on my door that mom helped me to take up. I have all my bills for October on the calendar on the door. The other calendar I’ve started to post the month of October on there. I like to have two months worth of bills up at a time so I can plan ahead for bills. I’m truly happy to have that student loan TFC out of the way. When I looked up my account it said paid in full. Oh hallelujah. I’m so excited. Yes! One down three to go!! I have my car, my other student loans, and my credit card. I cut up my credit card in the trash can the other night. I’m so glad I did. Now I just have to pay it off.

I’m close to my 400 followers goal. I’m very excited. I’m still trying to decide what to do about my blog. I have some ideas, but just not sure what I want to do. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m still studying for the MBLEx. When I get the full-time job I will start to buy study guides. I’m going to try out some different ones and see what helps me and what works for me and what doesn’t. I’m excited. I’m ready to get my massage license.

Tomorrow I’m going to relax and do nothing. I need to do somethings, but for the most part I’m not doing anything. I want to relax and enjoy my last day of freedom before I start working again. I also want to get myself ready for the interview on Tuesday. I have my alarm set and everything. I have everything I need. I just need to plan my outfit and I need to get my emotional and mental health ready to go in there.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted on the interview/job stuff. Thanks for all your love, support, and encouragement. I truly appreciate it more than I could ever put into words. Have a great day!!

Always in Love,



My Journey; My Path: The Next Adventure Day 71

Good morning!! I stayed up late last night so I slept in till 11 this morning. I’m feeling good. It’s raining right now and we have a tree down. All is well. I still have power for now and I’m okay. We have a tree down, but we are safe. Mom had to stay home. I think it’s for the best.

Yesterday we had a period of rain and then we got a break. Our power did flicker and go off twice, but it came back on right away. We managed to keep our power on all day yesterday except those two times. Our energy company kept us informed of what was going on. We just hung in there. Mom was able to get us some food so we could cook. Good thing. I ran some errands and came straight home. I’m glad I did. It’s a mess out there. We had sprinkles of rain, but mainly what we had was a lot of wind. Chris my oldest sister texted to check on us. I thought that was sweet. She and Dustin are okay. They hadn’t lost power yet. Megan was okay and Jeff too.

Today it’s all rain and a little bit of wind. The rain is what is causing trees to go down. We’ve only had one that I know of. I was up around eight to take some medicine and she said a tree was down. I went back to bed and got up at 11 or so. I’m going to make myself something to eat soon. I may watch some more Golden Girls. I watched several episodes last night from Season 5. I’ll be so happy when this mess is all over with. I love rain and we need it, but not like this. What’s that old saying? Be careful what you pray for. Well that saying is true especially today. I just keep thinking about how next week I’ll have my job interview and I will start a job. I can’t wait to go back to work. Although at the same time I’m not ready, but the nice thing is I won’t have to get up early. I love that part. It’s nice. I’m really excited. If I get anymore excited I’ll burst with joy. Well I definitely burst. Have you ever felt so happy that you felt like you were going to burst? Was it good news your received or were you having a good day? Please share your experience with me. I would love to hear your stories. Please leave a comment in the comment area below.

I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you to everyone who is helping me to reach my goal of 400 hundred followers. I am at 397 right now. I just need two more. I’m so excited. Thank you so much for your help. I truly appreciate it. I truly do. You have no idea how much it means to me to reach this goal. Your help in this means a lot to me. It means much more than I could ever put into words.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated. I’ll see you guys back here tomorrow. I love you all so much.

Always in Love,


My Journey; My Path: The Next Adventure Day 70

Good morning everyone!! I’m doing okay. I’m prepared for this storm that’s coming. Florence is a category 2, but it’s going to rain and be windy. I’m staying in the house. Please pray and send good vibes to those who are going to be affected by this storm.

I’ve had an interesting week. I’ve been mainly job searching. I went Wednesday to a place called The Agency. It’s a temp service in Asheboro. My mom went through them. So I went down there and it turns out Sapona Manufacturing is hiring so I might be working for them. I’m truly excited. I’ve worked there before and I’m so glad I found a job. I would be inspecting and packing yarn. It’s a 8hr shift and I would have to stand on my feet all night. I do get paid breaks and I might even get hired on later with the company full-time. I hope so anyway. I worked for the company full-time before and I had health insurance and everything. I’m looking forward to that.

So let’s yesterday was Thursday. I got a call from Sapona to ask me for an interview. I got for an interview on Tuesday at 9am. I’m truly excited. I truly am. They asked me if I would work second shift and I said yes. Second shift is 2pm-11pm or 3pm-11pm. I like the idea of not having to get up early. I can sleep in and do some errands and get some stuff done. I’m very excited. God has been good to me. I’m truly happy. Life is so good. I also spent some time with Megan yesterday. She’s all in a tisy because of the storm. She’s on a special diet so her food she actually has to have power to cook. So she wanted to get stuff she could eat so if the power goes out she can have food to eat.

For the rest of the weekend I’m going to stay home due to the weather. I’m going to study for the MBLEx, read, write, and watch movies as long as the power doesn’t go out.┬áMy mom is still having to work, but I don’t think she minds. Well actually I think she does, but there’s not much she can do about it. We’ll be fine as long as the power doesn’t go out. I’m just grateful that for now we are okay. I know that God will be there and keep us safe.

I’m looking out and the winds are starting to pick up some. I just hope we don’t have a tree to fall down. We are surrounded by trees. Thank God my landlords are home from their vacation. Although if it’s windy and raining they aren’t going to be able to do anything about a tree coming down, but it’s a nice thought. Honestly though I think we’ll be fine. I’m truly happy and grateful we don’t live on the ocean. I’m glad I decided not to move to Wilmington after all.

Well that’s all for now. If we don’t lose power I’ll be back here tomorrow. If we lose power I’ll probably have to go to either Christa or Megan’s house. If I do I’ll try to post.

I love you guys and have a great day and a great weekend. I pray for those who are my followers that maybe affected by Hurricane Florence like me. I pray for your safety and that we’ll make it through this storm together.

Always in Love,