Next Up In The Land of KAW’s Books: I Love Her

Good afternoon everyone! Boy I am tired and sore. I was so tired after work. I did manage to go to the store and get me some tea and some hand sanitizer for work. I came home and talked with my mom and then I had a nice hot bath and a cup of tea. After that I was out like a light. I don’t even want to go into work, but I will.

So without further adieu  here is my novel. So tell me what did you think of the sneak peak? Wasn’t that wonderful? Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you thought.

I Love Her is a book based on a true story of my sister Megan and her fight with Lyme Disease. The book is based on my sister Megan and our relationship. I chose the title I Love Her because in every text I send her I tell her I love her. I want her to know she is loved. Everything that I write isn’t the exact order of which the day the event took place, but it’s all true. I will have other characters besides me and my sister, but it is to focus on our relationship mainly. I plan to publish this and let all the proceeds go to my sister to help her pay for treatments or whatever she may want to use it for. I will also discuss Lyme Disease in the story to help people be aware of this evil disease. The more we talk about it the more people will know and will want to join in to help.

The book is coming along so far. I just started to write it again this week. I’ve been busy with my other book. I’m going to try and either write more on this week or split my time between this one and the other book called Stanton Corporation. I truly excited about both projects. Megan and I have really bonded and are much closer than ever and I’m just sorry it took her having Lyme Disease for this to happen. Although I’m glad in a way because it made me realize what’s important in life. Life is too short to be worried about trivial little things. It truly is. We don’t know what our last day on this earth will be or how we will die. We just know that from the minute we are born we die. Well I want to make the most of the time I am given. I know what my future is. I know the path I must take so now all I have to do is walk it. Along with my path I want to travel this journey, this path with Megan and her courageous battle with Lyme Disease. She is so brave, so courageous, so strong. She’s much stronger than she thinks she is. I just love her. I truly do.

Well that’s all for now. I will keep you updated on my books. So until next time goodbye from the Land of KAW’s books. I hope you enjoyed your stay and I love you. I’ll see you again soon.

Always in Love,




My Journey; My Path: The Next Adventure Day 50

Good afternoon everyone. I hope this post finds you well. I forgot to post this. I was sitting in my living room doing my gratitude journal and I said to myself you forgot to post your daily post for the day. So I’m going to do that. This will be a short and sweet post because I’m getting ready to head to work.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I did nothing, but rest. I did some stuff I needed to do that I didn’t do yesterday. I finally cleaned my bathroom and the living room and I feel better about that. Yay!!

Today I am on a strict diet. I went to the store this morning to get some snacks that I could eat. I’m eliminating everything. I’m eating mainly meats, fruits, and veggies except for the snacks that I bought. I’ve decided to take this seriously. I’m also going to start walking. I need to do that. I’m tired of feeling my fat and feeling the extra weight on me. I’m going to take it seriously this time.

I wrote my sneak peak for my book I Love Her from chapter 1 for you. I’ll leave it here for you so you can read it. Here’s the link: I Love Her Sneak Peak…. I hope you enjoy it. It’s been fun to write. I’ll post more about that on Saturday.

Well that’s all for now. I’m still working on my dad’s present. It’s coming along. I just need some more recent photos and then I’ll start putting everything together. I got the white poster board so I just need to organize and put everything together. I’m really excited. I also bought Megan a t-shirt with beach chairs on the back and I made her a card. I’m going to see her next week so I hope to give it to her. Megan is doing well. She’s up and down with the dizziness, but overall I think she is getting better. She won’t ever be 100% because of the Lyme, but I hope she will be well enough to do the things she wants to do. I love her so much. I’m truly glad I’m writing this book about her.

I love you guys and I’ll see you back here tomorrow. Have a great evening and a wonderful, relaxing, and peaceful weekend.

Always in Love,


I Love Her Sneak Peak….

Hey everyone! As promised I have a sneak peak from my book I Love Her… I’ll go into more detail on tomorrow. I hope you like it. Enjoy!!

I Love Her Chapter 1:

She got home to find her mother Filomena waiting for her. Her mother was a beautiful woman. She was short, a little obese, but a feisty woman. She was an 62 year old Italian woman with black and grey hair, always cut short. She was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. She had been at work. She was relaxing when she heard Kate come in. Kate was texting Sky when she came in. She smiled. Her mother and her were getting along again and she enjoyed seeing her mother. “Hi mom how are you?” She asked. “I’m okay. I’m tired and I’m so glad to be home.” Filomena replied. “I’m sure. How was your day?” Kate asked. “It was okay. Busy.” Filomena replied. “I’m sure.” Kate said. “How was your time with Sky?” Fil asked. “It was good. I was texting her to let her know that I got home safely. We went shopping in Chapel Hill. She wanted to have some girl time. It was nice. I enjoyed it.” Kate said. “That’s good I’m glad. Dinner’s ready. I made mac and cheese and I cooked some veggies with some steak too.” Filomena said. Kate smiled. Her mother cooked. She loved her mother’s cooking. She had a way with food and she loved to eat. “Thanks ma.” Kate addressed her. She immediately grabbed a plate and started to fill it. “Did you eat already?” Kate asked. “I did. I left all of that for you. You’re welcome to all of it.” Her mother said. “Okay cool. Thanks ma. I love you.” Kate said. “You’re welcome. I love you too Kate.” Her mother addressed her.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my book. I love you and have a great day!

Always in Love,




My Journey; My Path: The Next Adventure Day 49

Good evening everybody!! How are you guys?! I’m sorry I’m blogging so late. I ended up taking a nap and slept till five. Then I had dinner with my mom. I was sitting in the living room and I said to myself I need to blog. I feel like my brain is in a fog. Lol…

Today has been a good day. I stayed home and did some stuff I needed to do. I was going to go with Megan to her appointment for her Colon Therapy, but I decided to stay home. Chris went her so I don’t feel so bad about not going. I’m going to try and go with her to next appointment next week for the Colon Therapy. I am looking forward to that. I got some stuff done today before I napped. I was up at all night so I got my writing done for today and I studied for the MBLEx. I did finish writing in my journals and now I’m blogging. I’m going to do some cleaning tonight while my mom is at church. I want to clean the living room and my bathroom. I also need to look for a part-time job for the school year. The most important thing that I needed to get done I got done. I have to get a physical for work, but since it hasn’t been a year since my last one I can have my doctor fill it out and all I have to pay is 15 dollars. I’m like hell yeah!! So I’m going to go and do that next week when I have the money to do it. I talked with my dad today and it’s all set. I got the time off from work. So the first weekend in August I will be at my dad’s for his birthday. He got his work to give him all four days off while I’m there. I’m truly excited about it. It’s so wonderful. It truly is. I have to start working on his birthday present now. I’m truly excited.

Yesterday I went ahead and planned the whole month of August and I put my August bills on my beach calendar. I put that on my Corkboard in front of my desk. Megan had saved me some stuff from her room that she’s cleaning out a few weeks ago and that has been wonderful for me. She had big calendar that you can write on and she had another corkboard. I put the other corkboard near my bed with all my motivational quotes on it. Then I put the big calendar that you can write on on my door. I had my mom help me with putting both these pieces up. She helped me to tape the calendar on the door and put nails in the wall to hang up the corkboard near my bed. I’m really excited about it. I went ahead and put September’s bills on my calendar on my door so when August comes around I will have to month’s worth of bills. I’m trying to plan ahead for September. I’m going to look for a part-time job today. I was going to do it on Tuesday, but I ended up sleeping all day so. I’ll do that today. I don’t know what I’ll find or if I’ll find anything, but I’m trying my best to keep a positive attitude about that.

So that’s all the news for now. I’ll give you a sneak peak of what I’m working on. I’m going to write some of my books I love Her. I’ll give you a sneak peak of that. Can’t wait for you to see it.

Have a great evening and I love you.

Your most devoted fan and always in Love,


My Journey; My Path: The Next Adventure Day 48

Good evening everyone!! I hope this post finds you well. I’m doing okay. I’m tired, but I’m okay. I got a migraine last night right as I getting ready to leave for work. So I called in. It turned out my migraine didn’t last long, but I ended up beating myself up for not going in last night. I finally went for a drive around 2 in the morning because I couldn’t stand to be in the house anymore. Every time I looked at a clock I just felt even more guilty. I didn’t sleep except for a little bit so I ended up staying up all night. I was up when my mom went for work. We had a talk and I had good cry and it was good. It helped me a lot. About an hour or so after she left for work I took a nice hot bath with some chamomile epsom salt from Dr. Teals and I lite my candle I bought from Marshalls for my birthday. I also burnt some lavender incense and I feel much better. I also drank some of my chamomile tea and went to bed. I slept a good part of the day. I needed the rest. I told my mom just now that I feel much better. She went over to visit Megan to help her and she’s on her way home. She called me on her way home we and talked for a few minutes. I’m going to make something to eat because I have eaten anything all day. I needed the rest. I feel a hell of a lot better than I did. I did some research last night and I’m going to do some more and I’m going to stay away from the foods I found that are to be the cause of migraines. The research I found was very interesting. It truly was. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I read. It was like oh my goodness. It told you what and why that food caused the migraine. I liked that. It was neat. I have a few things I want to do, but other than that I’m going relax. I’m going to start looking for a part-time job for the school year tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about that. It should be good and interesting.

Have a great evening and I love you. See you Wednesday.

Always in Love,


What’s Next in the Land of KAW’s Books?

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are doing well. How are you today? I can’t believe it’s Saturday already. Work last night was brutal, but I got through and I’ll go in tonight.

I’ve decided to name my post Land of KAW’s books because honestly I made it up. I like it. I thought it was catchy. So today I wanted to give you guys an update on my books. In my last post I told you about new book Stanton Corporation and I also gave you a sneak peak as well. I’ll leave the links for those here so you can read them at your leisure.

Here is the link for the sneak peak. My Journey; My Path: The Next Adventure Day 44. 

Here is the link for my new book Stanton Corporation. Saturday’s Post: New Book

Well I have wonderful news: I finished the first Chapter and I am moving on to the next. I’m so excited. I think this book is actually going to get written. I’m truly excited. I’ll be writing the second chapter this week.

I’ve decided each Friday I’ll be giving you guys a sneak peak of my books that I’m writing. I’m also writing another book called I Love Her. It’s a book based on my sister Megan and her battling Lyme Disease. I’ve changed the names, but the story is beautiful.

I’m going to work on these two books this week. I’ll give a sneak peak of I Love Her on Friday. I’ll write a seperate post from my regular post on Friday so you can read it at your leisure. I can’t wait to share this with you guys. I’m truly happy.

I have several other books that I’m writing and have ready to publish and some I’m still in the editing process. I also have some that I’ve decided not to write. The ones I’ve decided not to write are because I do not want to share them with the world. I want to keep those stories for myself. Some stories are just not meant to be told.

I’m truly happy and excited to be writing again. I’m glad to be writing something that I truly feel helps me to express myself, but also what I am feeling. For me writing is a way of healing from things in my past. I’m truly happy and excited about that.

Thanks for joining me today and I hope to see you here next Saturday. Any suggestions, ideas, or thoughts are welcome.

Question for you: What does writing mean to you? How does writing help you? Just something for you to think about. You are more than welcome to answer. I would love to hear your thoughts. However don’t feel pressured. If you don’t want to answer that’s okay too.

Always in Love,


Peach/Pink Lady Apple Smoothie

This smoothie was good. It’s not my favorite, but it was good and it was so much fun to make.

You’ll need:

3 peaches- cut into slices

2 Pink Lady Apples- cut into slices

Whey Protein Powder

Almond Milk

Put the almond milk in first and then put the fruit in. After that put the Whey Protein Powder in and then turn blender on for five minutes. After that put the smoothie into the fridge for up to 1 hour and then enjoy!

My suggestion would be to cut up the peaches and apples before hand if possible just because it saves some time. It’s easier for the fruit to go into the blender and blend if the fruit is cut up first. I use fresh fruit, but you can substitute frozen fruit. I also use Almond Milk because I can’t have regular milk, but you are welcome to substitute that as well. I hope you enjoy this smoothie. Let me know if and when you make it. I would love to hear your thoughts on how it turned out for you.

Always in Love,