February’s Monthly Goal

Happy February to you all!! I hope February is treating you well so far. I can’t believe it’s the second day of the month already. So I gave some thought to my goal for this month. I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do this month. So this what I decided on. So I’m really trying to work on exercising more now. So this is my goal: Exercise more, Find a balance between work and exercise routine. So I know you are thinking, wait didn’t you have a goal similar to this. Well, yes and no. At first, I thought I would join a gym again, but since I’ve started to work to third I find I am walking a little. I need to find a balance between work and my exercise. I will be concentrating on getting used to third again. It’s been a while since I’ve worked it so I need some time to get my body used to the schedule. It will take a few weeks for that, but since this is a short month I figured this is a good time to try it. I would like to join a gym at some point, but right now I have some other things that need to take more of a priority in my life right now. I’ve noticed some changes in my body. I think I’m losing weight. It’s not big changes, but it’s the little things that are the most important to me. It’s a success in my book. One thing I’m doing that has helped me a lot is that I’m keeping a food diary. I would highly and I stress the word highly recommend a food diary. I basically write down every day what I’m eating and what time, but also how it affects me immediately and then three hours later how I am feeling from eating this food. It’s helped me to notice that some of the food I am eating causes different effects in my body so I am working on cutting out those foods. I’m also trying each month to cut out something I would normally eat. This has not been a success as of yet, but I am going to continue to try.

If you are interested in doing a food diary I would be happy to help you and show you what I am doing. My sister Megan offered up as a suggestion to me. My mom has been telling me for a while I needed to do one as well. So feel free to comment below if you are interested. Anything I can do to help you and I both to lose weight I’m willing to do it.

Always in Love,



5 thoughts on “February’s Monthly Goal

  1. Great post my friend! It sounds like you are getting everything together! I bought a pair of Bowflex barbells and I absolutely recommend them! They are the type that can be adjusted from 2 pounds up to 50 and the great thing is it’s the same 2 barbells so it’s really great! I think the investment is worth it to get you some stuff to work out at home if possible. Working thirds can be a hard switch but if you have all you need at home like a cardio video from Utube or strength training bands and the like it may help to keep you from making excuses when you want to work out! Thank you for always reaching out to help others if I need any help I will certainly let you know. I’m in the middle of a 5 day fast so right now I can’t really use a food diary but when I’m done it may be something to look into! Sounds like a smart idea!

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    1. Thanks so much. I truly appreicate that. Thanks for all the tips. It sounds like something to look into for sure. You’re most welcome. Good luck with your fast. I think so. It really helped me to realize how much I was eating and helped me to see that if I continued to eat that much I would never lose weight.


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