Exciting News!

Good evening everyone. I have wonderful news for you. It’s very exciting news. I was talking with the third shift supervisor where I work at and I asked him about coming to the third shift. I just wanted to let you know that I have accepted a position on third and I will be moving to the third shift. I will work 11pm-7am every day. I’m so happy. Many things or factors came into my decision to move to another shift. As you are aware in many of my posts I’ve listed how unhappy I have been in my job at Sapona. I had a horrible night where I was told I had to clean the packages because the operator who bumped the packages was going to be gone and he didn’t want the packages sitting there for two days. My boss David Allen stood right there and agreed with him. My boss Ruben said one line to defend me and gave up after the 1st shift supervisor bullied him (in my opinion) by saying that he could clean them himself. I’m like what the fuck? I know it is my job to clean the packages, but when the packages are bumped it takes a long time to clean them. I had 62 packages at the end of the night. I didn’t hit production. I let Martha my lead packer know about what happened. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. That’s the first factor. This is the second reason I decided to move shifts. There is a lot of drama on second especially with the servicemen we have. I’m tired of hearing about it and I don’t want to be involved. The third factor is my supervisors. Neither of them knows how to supervise. I have tried my best to get along with them and do my job. I’m tired of hearing them tell me they don’t know and look at me and I’m just like seriously. You can’t just do your job. Which obviously they can’t. My last factor is the fact that I have been bullied and picked on by six packers. Most of them are 12 HR packers who work 7am-7pm. I’ve had one 12 hour packer from 7pm-7am and a packer I work with on 2nd shift to try and get me into trouble. I finally had to tell Martha about what one of the 12-hour packers did to me and how she messed up my boxes of yarn that I packed. I was not happy. I told her this was the sixth packer to pick on me. She was surprised. I’m not. I’ve always been picked on. BUT I’M NOT going to put up with it anymore. I’m going to stand up for myself. If anyone does something I’m not comfortable with I’m going to let them know that it’s not okay. Because I haven’t stood up for myself as I should I have allowed people to do whatever they want because I haven’t told them it wasn’t okay for them to treat me that way. So no more. I feel so good about the move. I’m truly happy. Charles is my supervisor on third and he is wonderful. He truly appreciates me and lets me know it. He isn’t like a jerk about it. He’s very sweet. He used to be a service guy who worked his way up and he is not a supervisor. So he has an understanding of what we packers go through. He’s a man of action. He takes action. He helps us ladies so much. I went yesterday and worked a 12-hour shift and he was cutting up with us and laughing just to help us get through the night. I had so much fun. I really enjoyed staying over. It was so nice. I like the assistant supervisor too. I’m not crazy about the schedule, but I’ll soon get used to it. I figure this is the best way for me to stay on with the company. I’m so glad for this opportunity. I think this is meant to be. I truly do. Thanks you guys for all your love and support.

Always in Love,



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