Happy New Year’s Day!

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve. I would love to hear what your plans were. Please leave a comment below.

Today is a wonderful day. I slept in and did some stuff around the house. I organized my corkboard hanging up in front of my desk. I also took down my December calendar’s and put up March. I put three month’s worth of calendars to plan ahead for my bills. Then I reorganized my dream board and put some pictures. I also rearranged my calendars that I hung on my wall. I haven’t gotten any 2019 calendars yet, but I was fortunate that the calendars I have already have January-April 2019 with another picture on each calendar. I’ll take pictures and post them later for you. I also redid the daily schedule that I use when I’m working. I’m really excited. I plan to clear out my bill papers and receipts from 2018. I already cleared out my goal notebook. I’m truly excited about all that I’ve accomplished already.

I don’t plan to do a whole lot today. Mom came home around 2 or so with all kinds of news. She went to Chris’ for New Year Day breakfast. Then Megan had drama with her cat going into heat and she decided to pee on everything. Poor Megan. So mom went over to help her. She is warming up some food so I’m going to go and eat. I decided to watch Are You Being Served episode called The Think Tank. After that, I’m doing nothing.

Have a wonderful day and I hope this first day of the New Year is going great for you so far…

Always in Love,




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