October’s Monthly Goal

Good afternoon everyone. I decided to go ahead and post about my monthly goal. The last couple of months I decided to put have studying for the MBLEx be my monthly goal. I got quite a bit of studying done. I will still be studying for the MBLEx, but I decided this month it was time to do something different.

This month I decided to focus on losing weight and trying to make sure I can balance work and exercise. So my goal is Balance work schedule and Exercise workout schedule. I want to make sure that I’m still working out even though I’m working now. Now that I am working at Sapona I can go swim. I just have to figure out when it’s open and things like that. I’m truly excited about this. I’m still going to walk too. I’m going to consider walking at work part of my exercise as well because I will be walking a lot during work and I’ll be sweating because it’s so hot in the department that I am working in. So I’m going to work on balance. I really want to lose weight. I hope this will work.

I wish you a great day and I love you!

Always in Love,


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