My Journey; My Path: My New Walk Day 12

Good morning!! What a day yesterday. Pam wasn’t as bad as she could have been. She made a comment about having too much time so she was going to leave. So she left yesterday and Cheryl and I handled everything on our own, but I knew that we could. Pam doesn’t see it, but Cheryl and I are adults and we can handle everything. We know what to do. We aren’t as stupid as she believes we are. I’m just glad she left. It was a nice day. It rained a lot, but it was a nice day.

Mom and I went to visit Megan yesterday. Mom cooked her food and bought her some more food. I went through on her computer and found her somer recipes so she can make herself some food so when she feels bad she doesn’t have to bother to cook. We are going to head over today and help her. I’m thinking I might not go because I’m starting to feel bad I don’t want her to get sick on top of everything else. She’s really dizzy today. She gets really dizzy when it’s that time of the month. It’s awful. I just wish I could do more for her. Please continue to keep her in your prayers. She is going to be starting some new medicine and she’s very hesitant about starting the new medicine.

I’m going to write, rest, and take care of myself. I’m very tired. I ended up heading to bed around 1:30 this morning and was woken up by Megan calling us @ 9:23 this morning so I’m super tired. I also have laundry and other things I want to do. I’m going to research some stuff for Megan as well. I’m off Monday and I figure I can go over and see her then.

Hope all of you are doing well. Thanks for your support and encouragement especially with the stuff with Pam. I truly appreciate it. I was telling a fellow blogger that I’ve been praying and my mom has too, but yesterday I decided to step up my prayers this coming week. I think I’m going to need it. I’m going to rest this week and I’ll finish the job stuff I started this week on Monday. I’m at a fork in the road and I’m not sure what to do. I know what I want to, but just not sure what direction to go in if that makes sense.

I love you guys and thanks again for everyone has reached and shown me your support and encouragement. I love you guys. Thanks!

Always in Love,



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