My Journey; My Path: My New Walk Day 8

Good morning. So far they haven’t canceled school or put us on a two hour delay so I’m going in at regular time. I have a google app on my phone so I can check the weather if I need to. I didn’t sleep so well, but I’m happy at the thought of going back to work and getting back into my regular routine and not having to worry about the weather. I hope it does warm up like they said it would.

Yesterday was awesome day. It’s the best day I’ve had in a long time. They put us on a two hour delay and as I was driving my bus they told us that Randolph County Schools were releasing three hours early. So basically the kids were at school for an hour and forty five minutes. I only had to work for an hour. After my bus route I came back and did 2 hours and forty five minutes so I could make up my time. I came home showered, and did some stuff for my mom. She’s been very busy with my sister yesterday and then she’s helping out at her church because someone died and she’s helping the family by giving them food. Megan had another appointment with the doctor yesterday and she and doctor talked about a lot of stuff. Megan was able to tell the doctor everything she wanted to which is what I prayed for. So yay!! She’s going to make an appointment with an nutritionist. Hopefully they can help her figure out what she can eat. It’s very hard for her with the Lyme Disease and figuring out what she can or can’t eat that’s going to make her sick. I’m hoping this appointment with the nutritionist will help her to figure that out.

I sat down last night and I did a bullet journal for my job searching and started my application with Chatham County Schools last night. I need to update my resume and create a letter of interest. I’m going to try and finish the rest of the application. I found two jobs I’m interested in. They are both Custodian/Bus Driver positions and they are both at Elementary schools which would be exciting. I’ve never worked at Elementary schools before. I’m really excited about that. So we’ll see. I’ll keep you updated on that. I was able to apply for both positions at the same. So I’m grateful for that.

So that’s all for now. I’m going to go and get ready for work. Take care and have a great day. I love you guys. Thanks for the support and encouragement as I start my new year.

Always in Love,




12 thoughts on “My Journey; My Path: My New Walk Day 8

  1. What a long school day! 😉
    Good luck on your hunt. Elementary kids are harder to handle on the bus in my opinion and cleaning up after them is worse! The elementary schools here make the kids clean up the lunchroom after lunch which I think is a great learning experience so hopefully these places do the same.

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    1. Yeah. Thanks I appreciate that. Yes they are. The cleaning up after them I don’t mind. I’m used to cleaning up after kids so that I’m not too concerned about. That’s great. They made me to that when I was in Elementary school. I’m sure they do. I think it’s a great learning experience for them as well.

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  2. I sure hope Megan finds the right combination to help her regain health! Bless her HEART, it can’t be easy. I continue to hold you and your family in my prayers for your Highest Good, wishing you well. I hope you are having a great day, Dear!
    Angel hugs! My Love to you and your family . 😇🤗💞

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    1. Thanks Betty I appreciate that. I’m sure she will. My mom and I are trying to encourage her as much as we can. No it’s not easy, but she has a great doctor who is on top of things so that has helped her a lot. Thank you so much I appreciate that. Thank you Betty.

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  3. You will find yourself being as much an educator, as any classroom instructor, should you take an elementary school position. Young ones love a kind-hearted custodian, who schools them on taking care of their own trash and messes, whilst not being grouchy or overbearing.

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment. This is the nicest thing I have ever heard someone say about someone in my position as a custodian. I love kids especially the young ones. Thank you so much for telling me this. I will keep in my heart and my mind as I move forward. I hope you have a beautiful day!

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