My Sister Megan

Today is my sister Megan’s birthday. Today is 33 years old. She is currently fighting Lyme Disease. I was able to spend time with her yesterday to celebrate her birthday a day early. She is not feeling well today so she is at home resting. She has really bad vertigo and dizziness. She is currently under a doctor’s care and fighting to get health insurance. I would describe her as a strong independent woman and a hard core feminist. But I would also describe her as an amazing, passionate, wonderful, caring, kind, and beautiful person who is sensitive and she loves to help people. I used to dwell on the negative and say that she was this and that and the other, but I don’t do that anymore. I’ve chosen to the good in her and she has inspired me to keep going even in my darkness moments of my life. I do my best to text her everyday and sometimes all I tell her is that I love her. She appreciates it and it helps her so much. She is the reason I moved from Winston. She is one of the main reason I left and came home. I wanted to support and her help by taking her to appointments and so on. That was my plan, but what she really needs is emotional support. Her boyfriend is currently supporting both of them because she is not able to work. Her dizziness is so bad that she can’t stand for long periods of time. She had a job as a teacher in the Randolph County School System, but due to the Lyme Disease she has to resign and quit her job. I’m going to publish my book My Life In My Own Words and all the money I receive from the sale of my book is going to go to her and her boyfriend. The money will be used for whatever they need it for whether it’s to buy her medicine or pay bills or whatever they need it for. I am not telling anyone in my family about this because I want it to be a surprise to her. I am only sharing this with you. I will post some pictures of her and my other sister Christa.

Below I will spell my sister name and some other traits about her that love.






That is my sister and she is so much more than. I love her. I truly do and the bond we have is something no one or nothing can break.

Happy birthday Megan. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. I love you! I truly do.

Always in Love,


The photo to the left I’ve posted before. She is the one to the left wearing a pink top and glasses. I’m the one on the right with the white headband. This picture was taken in 2016. The other picture is my Christmas present from this year from my sister Christa. This picture was taken at my graduation from Massage School at Body Therapy Institute in 2015. Megan is on the left in the purple flowery dress, I’m in the middle, and my sister Christa is on the other side of me in the yellow cover up with a white top and white pearls. I was honored to have both my sisters there and my parents also came to the graduation. I am very happy to have my family in my life once again.

23 thoughts on “My Sister Megan

  1. your love for your sister is huge and caring one. Good you could converse with us about her .wishing her all the best and good health. Iam sure God will cure her and she should be fine.
    Thanks for reading my blogs .

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