My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 154

Good evening everyone. I’m sorry I didn’t post this morning. Oh man what a morning. So I didn’t get to sleep till three this morning because I was worried about my brakes on my car. So I finally woke up around 7 this morning and I got on the internet and I found a place five minutes from my house. I called and went down there. I got there around 8am and they were finished around 10 am. I got my brakes and I’m happy. I’m also happy because it didn’t cost two hundred dollars. It only costed me $186 dollars and some change. Yay!!!  I’m also glad they got it done so quickly. Oh man. I thanked God the whole way home. I had most of my stuff packed in the car, but I went back to my apartment to get a few other things and then I left treated myself to lunch at Mcdonald’s. I went to work and had a great day. I didn’t have to close and it was so nice. I got to go a safety meeting. Boring. But I made it through. I’m tired from lack of sleep, but other than that everything is fine. I’m tired and I’m heading to bed soon after I shower. I worked the mid-shift today. I worked 11:30-7. I came home ordered a pizza for dinner and watched my free movie rental that came with my food. I got Despicable Me. It was awesome. I did go for my walk today. I’ll post about that tomorrow. I’m going to head to the shower and got to bed. I am so excited. I get to see Barry tomorrow and we are finally going to church together. 

Oh I called my mom and talked to her. We are getting together on Monday to talk. I’m going to tell her about Barry and I’s heart to heart on Wednesday. I’m not sure what I am going to say, but we’ll see. We talked some on the phone, but we decided to meet in person. I told her it would be nice to see her and it will. I miss her. She wants me to make a list of my bills. She wants to try and help me pay some of the small ones. I made a list. We’ll see. I’m going to sit down Monday and pay all my bills.

Well good night my friends, my family. I love you and we’ll talk soon. I’ll keep you guys updated on everything. Take care.

Love you guys,



4 thoughts on “My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 154

  1. I’m so glad to hear everything worked out so well for you! Your powerful positive thinking and wonderful faith is attracting the good to you! I’m so proud of you, Kathleen, for learning to work your Magic! Good Night and sweet dreams, Dear. Love and Blessings. 💞xxx

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