My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 152

Good morning!! Oh man. I feel great. I didn’t sleep well, but I did get some sleep. Oh man where do I start? Yesterday started out to be like the day before, but soon things got better. I went and had my walk and it was wonderful. I took pictures. I’ll post that shortly. I went back to work and left so much better. I got off at fifty-thirty and Barry texted. We didn’t get to go to church together. His fridge ended up quitting on him. He’s got to have fixed today. So I went to church by myself and then I went over to see him. I met his roommate and we hung out for a while. Barry and I got to be alone and we talked. He told me how he felt and where he was coming from. His roommate came back and we watched movies and hung out. He shared with me stuff he puts on his facebook and some funny videos. I also got to see videos of him playing the guitar and I got to hear from sing. Oh wow. I was blown away. I wanted to cry it was just awesome. He’s really talented and he can really play and his voice is amazing. He has a truly an amazing voice. It’s beautiful. So I left and he walked me out and we talked some more. I told him how I felt. There was a lot of hugging and we held hands for the first time. It was wonderful. I said exactly what I wanted to say and we agreed not to label it and we would take it slow. He told me he had another girl he was interested that he was talking with. He has a lot of doubts about it. He told me how he feels about me. I shared with him about my blog family and how you guys know about him and the pieces that I wrote. I told him how I turned my life back over to God and how when I did that that I also turned our relationship over to him and that I’m trusting God. So Barry and I both have agreed to take things slow and figure it out. We are going to get together soon. So I have to dial it down at work and I won’t tell anyone that he’s my boyfriend anymore. I never mentioned him by name so that won’t be too difficult. I told him how I wish I could take his place and be the one with the broken heart. We just simply held each other and it was wonderful. I described how I felt in his arms. I told him that I would stand by him and support him. I told him that he could talk to others that he was interested in and if he wanted to pursue that it was fine. We could be friends if that was the case. I told him how much I cared about him and there was no one else. I told him I was ready and that I understood he wasn’t there yet. I wanted to tell him that I loved him and believed he was the one for me. I really did, but he’s not ready. He’s not ready to hear that. One day maybe. I’m just going to keep praying and see what happens. I feel at peace. I feel light. I feel happy. I left and came home and got a shower and went to bed. I asked him how he felt about kissing so. It was weird. But we didn’t kiss. I gave him another hug before I left and kissed him on the cheek and said we’ll start there and go from there. He said text me when you get home. He wanted to know that I got home safely. So I did. He smokes so I had to get another shower, but it was fine. I got a shower quickly and ate something and went to bed. I dreamed of him. It was wonderful. I’ve really missed him. I’m really excited to see what happens next. I didn’t tell him that I was moving back to Asheboro. I’ve applied to a few jobs, but after last night I think I need to stay here. I’ll just apply for another job here that’s more money. There’s two in Winston-Salem at other Goodwill stores that I want to apply to and I’m going to call the other one I applied to. I’m very excited. How am I going to tell my mom? Oh boy!! I just don’t want to leave now. I don’t think it’s fair if I leave him not after what happened between us last night. It’s not fair to him. I really want this to work. I know we could do the long distance thing, but he’s got a lot going on right now and he’s thinking of moving to another apartment. Well he has to because the management is making him and his roommate leave. It’s a long story. I just don’t want to leave. I don’t have the desire to leave that I did before. I’m not sure if it’s because of Barry or if it’s God and him telling me to stay. I don’t know. So for now. I will not move. I will see if I can find another job here and until then I can stay working for the Goodwill here. Oh man.

I close today. I’m in the middle of applying for another position for Goodwill so I’m going to finish that and apply for the other one. I’m off Sunday and Monday so I’m going to do more job stuff and that will be good. I’m going to church with Barry on Sunday and Monday I’m going to do some stuff I need to do. I’ve decided to not write anything for a while including the plays. I need to spend time looking for a job and I’m going to get myself organized. Now that I have my schedule I can plan my days a little better.

So that’s all for now. I’ll keep you guys updated on everything. I love you and thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Take care and we’ll talk soon.

Love you guys,





6 thoughts on “My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 152

  1. Wow that was quite a night. You got to share closeness and conversation and what I love is that there was complete honesty on his part with where he is, his heart,the time he needs. So you know where you stand. There are not unknowns. Really love his honesty. So he needs to take things slowly and you just never know where this will lead. Patience is so hard but it sounds like maybe with patience, in the end, he could very well be your boyfriend. You will just have to spend more time and see. Im just glad you got this one on one time. Im glad he walked you out. Im glad you got to be hugged and held. Hoping the next steps just keep moving forward. I think it was wise of you to withhold some of your plans so as not scare him away and put any thoughts or doubt due to the posibility of you moving. I always reveal to much too soon. I trust too quickly and let someone in to my heart when really, like my barry says, keep it in the yellow. Always a challenge for me. Sending love to you!

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    1. Thanks Bethany. You are so sweet. I truly appreciate you. You’re right there are no unknowns and I like that. I’m still keeping myself in the yellow. I like that. I’m so glad “Barry” came up with that. I think it’s a great idea. Thank you. I think so too. I’m just not sure about moving now thought with what’s happened. Oh decisions, decisions. Thank you. I’m sending some love your way…


  2. So glad to hear you had a happy day and now feel better, Kathleen! I continue to hold you in prayer, that you may realize your Highest Good in every way! Angel Hugs and very much Love to you, Dear. πŸ˜‡πŸ€—πŸ’–

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