Hey everyone,

I know I have talked about this place a lot and yet I’ve been asked about it and well. Immateria is a special place. It’s so hard for me describe. I love this place. I let a lot of shit go here. This is the place where my soul finds healing. I love it. I really do. I miss it so much. I really miss it when I move away to Asheboro. I will have my pictures, but it’s not the same thing. So I’ve decided to share this with you. I took pictures.

When I said I let a lot of shit go here. I meant that. I forgave my mom and had the ceremony where I said goodbye to her, I came out there, I let go my past and who I thought everyone wanted me to be there, and the list could go on. I let a lot of shit go there. The point is I let it go and I don’t hold onto anymore. I have my days when it creeps back, but I would say on a whole I have let it go and I will not pick it back up again. The grandmother tree is here. You will see a picture of me standing next to it. I have offered a lot of blessings and prayers to that Grandmother tree and it has helped me so much. It really has. So without further adieu I will present Immateria. The pictures will be posted below. Enjoy!!

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