My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 138

Good morning! Something bit me because I’ve got bites all over my legs and on parts of my arm and of course one bit me on my boob. I hate this! I went to Wal-Mart around 4 in the morning because I couldn’t take it anymore. So needless to say I only got about maybe two hours maybe more of sleep. I’m going to have to go back because I am breaking out now. I’m going to be some allergy medicine. My lip is also getting puffy. I can’t afford to miss work so I’m going to stick it out and take care of myself at the same time. I’m going to wear long sleeves and long pants. I can’t decide if something bit me or if I’m breaking out because of something in the clothes I go through at work. Well at any rate the itching is stopping, but I’m breaking out. I’m off Saturday so I’m trying to hang in there. I also have bad heartburn. I was telling myself on the way home from the store that I think these things are a test of my patience and I have no patience at this hour.

Oh man last night was the night from hell. It’s a long story, but I’ll give you the short version. Basically my cashier’s drawer was short and I had to stay there till after 9pm to get everything in order. I had to call my boss to help me figure out what to do. She figured out and her and Nelva are going to fix it. My cashier tried to blame me for her drawer being short and I’m thinking excuse what the fuck? You are responsible for your drawer not me. You have to answer for your drawer being short. Sara my boss asked her why her drawer was short not me. She couldn’t even answer Sara. I actually saw her speechless and worried. I was like damn. She likes to be rude and run her out on a occasion, but let me tell you she wasn’t when Sara was there. I will tell you one thing. I don’t trust her anymore and I don’t trust Nate either. I asked me to help me with the petty cash because it was short. He made a suggestion so I did it and we ended up being short in our deposit. Well part of that was from my cashier’s drawer being short, but still. He’s been doing a lot of stuff lately that he’s not supposed to do, but I’m not saying nothing. He’ll get caught eventually. There’s enough problems without me telling on him. I don’t need that kind of drama in my life. He will get caught because there are cameras everywhere and he’ll get found out. I promise you that. I’m just so frustrated and angry. I bust my butt to get everything right and to get out of the store on time and for what?! I mean the fuck? I was mad when I got in my car. I had to talk myself down, but I did and I will be fine. I’m just so mad. After last night I think this is a sign that I need to get out of this store and away from these two. If I can’t trust them then it’s not an environment I want to be in number one and number two there will only be more problems and more drama because of these two. Now I accept my fault in this situation, but she needs to as well. I’m not going to take blame for something I didn’t do. I used to do that and I don’t do it anymore. I’m tired of being disrespected and being treated like dirt and shit and everything else. It makes me angry.

I open today and as soon as I get off I’m coming home. I’m showering. Taking something and going to bed. I don’t have to go until 11 tomorrow so I’m coming home today and resting and taking care of myself. I’m just frustrated and angry. I just am. I did get some good news yesterday. I finally got a hold of Mrs. Lash about the reference form and to make a long story she is going to get in touch with Sara and hopefully they will get it done today and send it off to Christine. I’ve talked with Robin to tell her know what is going on. I told her I would be starting as soon as I got back from trip with my dad and I wanted to get everything done by then. I emailed Christine this morning as well to tell her about what Mrs. Lash said yesterday. That phone call, seeing Barry yesterday, and a customer bringing me a gift were the only good parts of my day. I have a black elderly gentlemen that comes into the store and he always wears suspenders. He’s got several colors. Well he had a rainbow pair and he said he never wore them because his daughter told him that was “gay” people’s color. Don’t get me started on that. I wanted to beat his daughter for saying that, but anyway I told him if he ever wanted to get rid of them that I would take them. He said he would give them to me. I honestly didn’t think he would. I said that not really thinking that he would actually give them to me. So I’m going to wear them today. I’m so excited. He was so sweet about it and I told him thank you and that he made my day. I’m so happy. I can’t wait to wear them. I don’t care what anyone says either. I’m very excited about them.

In other news Barry and I are doing well. It’s so hard to believe I said Barry and I. It’s hard for me say he’s my boyfriend. I told a coworker, but I didn’t mention his name. I’m still unsure about all this. I should see Barry this morning because he usually comes in before me, but today I will be coming in early so I’ll get to see him for most of the day. We say hi and we usually hug. It’s become a regular thing now. I know I sound like a silly little girl, but that’s how I feel around him. He makes me happy and he has helped me to find a part of myself again that I had lost. My faith has always been at my core, but it’s so nice to share things with him because he gets it and he’s been there so he understands. I love that we are around the same age because he understands and he’s been there and he’s been through a lot of shit. He’s not perfect and he admits that which is rare. He also likes Nicholas Sparks which in my experience I haven’t found many men that do. So everything is going well so far. We haven’t said anything else about hanging out Monday. I might text him and see if he wants to still get together on Monday. I’m not going to push it. We’ll just see what happens.

Well that’s all for now. I’m just waiting for the store to open and I will get the medicine I need. I’m still having heartburn, but that will go away. The itching is finally stopped except in hands thank God!

I love you guys and take care. We’ll talk soon. Have a great day!

Love you guys,



14 thoughts on “My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 138

  1. So much going on dear wow, I k ow you’ll wear your suspenders proudly and look awesome while doing it too, hope you find some relief from the itchy bites these are never fun, awww I love it that you and Barry are connecting it’s so wonderful to see, and he has such good taste as well, so much positive energy your putting out it’s wonderful, continued success always and continued love 💓

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  2. Hope this day goes well and you have a nice comfortable, peaceful and restful evening, Kathleen, enabling you to recover your spirits!!!! My HEART is with you, as always. Sending you Sweet Blessings, Peace and Joy. I Love you. 💞xxx

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  3. Oh, to be young again! 😉 Barry is a lucky guy to be so adored! I’m glad you have something there to give you a reason to look forward to going to work! And I hope it all works out even better than you could imagine.

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