My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 123

Good morning. I didn’t sleep well again, but I think it’s something I ate that made have a headache. It’s also all the stress I’m under. Yesterday was a rough day, but I made it through. Nate got on my nerves. I told him I didn’t want to talk about what was bothering me and he just told me to pray about it. I’m like okay and we hugged and he left and went to lunch. I wanted to fucking smack him. I don’t want to do that. Well I could, but I didn’t need to hear that. Anyway I decided that he was just trying to be helpful and that he didn’t mean and anything by it and I decided to not let upset me or affect me.

I haven’t heard from Tyler yet. I didn’t think I would. Today is Michael’s birthday and I think they will be gone till this weekend. I’m sure that he’ll want to talk to the other roommates and then we’ll talk I’m sure. I’m considering other options and I’m also considering either keeping the full-time job and having two part-time jobs or doing three part-time jobs and quitting the full-time job. I am giving serious thought to the three part-time jobs. Why? Because I’m tired of working full-time and not getting anywhere. It’s like I told Tyler in the email I’m growing, blossoming and changing and all that, but that’s not helping me to pay my bills. I’m also looking into storage units so I can store my stuff that I don’t need. I’m considering an Extended stay America where I can stay for a week at a time and it’s cheaper than my rent every month. There’s one right near where I work and it would be very close to my job in Clemmons. I’m still working on schedule for the job at Tangle wood, but I’m going to talk to Sara on Friday and see if she can let me know ahead of time my schedule so I can let Robin know as far as schedules. So I’ve decided to do two days at Tangle wood. I would work there on my days off. That is better because then I can work as many hours as I want and I can open or close without it conflicting with my schedule at Goodwill. At Tangle wood there is tip money as well. As it colder there might not be as much tips, but for now it’s something. I’m taking what I can get at the moment. So I told you guys, but I’m not sure. I decided I was going to cut off my internet, but I found out that when they cancel the service they pro-rated and I’m like seriously. So I am going to keep it because I can’t afford to pay the pro-rate price just to get it turned off. I’m like this bull-shit, but it is what is.

I’m closing today. Nelva opened and everyone else is off. I’m really looking forward to my vacation with my dad. I don’t know if I told you, but I am approved for my time off in August. So I will be going to see my dad in Florida. I won’t have a lot of money, but I will figure it out. I always do. I’m very excited to see my dad. I’m glad I have PTO meaning paid time off to cover it. I’m so happy. This was a dream of mine since I moved here four months ago and I’m glad to see it coming true. Tomorrow I’m going to look into storage units to store my stuff and I’m going to apply to some part-time jobs as well. If I can find one that pays more than what I’m getting at Goodwill I might take it and quit Goodwill all together. We’ll see. I want to weigh all my options and see. I don’t want to lose my benefits, but I have to get out of this debt I’m in. I have to be realistic about that.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated and informed especially about Tyler says. I was thinking this morning about that and I am prepared if he says no and I’ll understand. That’s why I’m considering the Extended Stay America place because it’s also the perfect place because it would be between both jobs and if I decide to quit Goodwill and do three part-times then it would be near all of them. But I’ll keep you updated and informed. I just want to be happy. I just want to get to a place where I can finally be a Massage Therapist and not be in debt either.

Take care and we’ll talk soon. I love you and have a great day.

Love you guys,


P.S. I got to see Barry yesterday and talk with him a little bit. He made my day. I wish I could get a picture of him and let you guys see him. His smile always makes my day.


12 thoughts on “My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 123

  1. So glad the wonderful Barry made you happy again it’s the little things that mean the most in the end, glad you’ve given everything thing the thought needed to get to where you wanna be, success is on the way you’ll see

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’ll be close! That’s only 2 hours away. I will blow you kisses when you are there and they will make it on the wind! Ok that may sound odd. But you know i’d freaking do it!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awesome. I can’t believe I’ll be that close. Awesome man. Yes please do it. No it doesn’t sound odd at all. I would love for you to do that. I really would love that.


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