“I Will Take My Power Back”

I just wrote this sitting here in my apartment and I believe this is what I need. It’s the most powerful piece I’ve ever written. Please enjoy!

“I Will Take My Power Back”

I will take my power back.

I will dance, laugh, and sing.

I will bey gay, happy, and merry.

I will be light, love, and happiness.

I will earn my respect.

I will learn my place because my place is here in this moment.

I’m right where I am supposed to be.

I get so caught up that I am only hurting myself.

I am hurting myself and my chance to grow.

I will take my power back.

I’ve earned it.

I’ve earned that right.

It’s my life, my choice.

I will be happy.

I’m tired of being sad and depressed and unhappy.

I will fight and I will never give up.

I will be treated with respect.

I am proud.

I wear my scars proudly. I will show them. Everyone will see them.

I’m so glad. I am. I will not hide anymore. I will not. I will not.


11 thoughts on ““I Will Take My Power Back”

  1. I agree this is indeed absolutely amazing, your so brave to put the hurt out the way you do, before finding the wonderful you I was so shame to face my demons, as you say from time to time I wore masks things were just so much more easy that way, so I thought at least I wasn’t happy fully, now thru people like you I can let it go with no shame, the way you do it, no one will laugh or bad another for bettering themselves I’m sure, your the greatest and as your piece says you’ll have your power back all in due time, I like what your doing with what you have now😊

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    1. It warms my heart to hear this Cory. Tears formed in my eyes when I read this. I’m so proud of you. It’s not easy. Be prepared for things to be hard. You will make it though. Surround yourself with people who really care about you and really love you and I mean an unconditional love. Thank you so much. Thank you for your words they are kind and loving and thank you most of all for your support. Hugs!

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