My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 111

Good morning. I feel great. I slept in again and I loved it. I feel great. I don’t feel tired. I am loving my new bed. It’s wonderful. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud. I texted my friend Corey Erba and told her thank you for the bed. I’m very grateful.

Oh man. What a day yesterday. So much drama. My heart breaks thinking about it. In the back of the store where I spend a lot of time we have another department that works back there called Recycling. It’s a department that recycle what we don’t sell and sends it overseas. Well we have to fight with them all the time to get to do their jobs. It’s awful. Yesterday was one of those days. The supervisor is and excuse my language a sorry ass man. I don’t understand him. He… He doesn’t care about his boys. He doesn’t do anything to help them. They are basically on their own and they just taking it out on us because he doesn’t treat them right. It’s not fair. They need a leader that cares for them. They need a leader that helps them and is going to go to bat for them. It’s not fair. Those boys work so hard. There’s one of them that doesn’t work. He just stands around and talks and he’s just so slow and he has caused their department so many problems. Their supervisor doesn’t know how many people are in his department during the day. It’s just sad. He was so rude to Nelva yesterday. He basically yelled at her and how she stood there and took it is beyond me. I had some choice words for him, but I would have lost my fucking job yesterday if I had said them. If I had that job those boys would be taken care of and I’ll tell you something else. I would fire that guy that doesn’t do anything and hire someone else in his place. I would give Barry a raise and I would promote him to lead. Barry works in that department. Barry is the sweetest man I ever had the privilege to meet. He’s so understanding. He busts his ass. He works so hard and is so underpaid and underappreciated. He reminds me of myself when I used to be in positions that weren’t management. Barry has so much potential and it’s a shame he’ll never been given the chance to do something else because he works so hard. His supervisor is taking advantage of him in my opinion. I honestly wished that something would happen and that their supervisor would lose his job. But I thought about it and I don’t really want that to happen. I don’t want their supervisor to lose his job. It’s just he’s not doing his job. I know something will happen eventually and Brandon (that’s the supervisor) will lose his job and someone else will get it. I just wish the boys had a better supervisor now. It just makes me so fucking mad. I think after years of being taken advantage of and because of what my mother did to me it just makes me sick when I see happening to someone else. It’s not fair.

I’m hoping today will be a better day. I am closing today. It’s me and Nate. I’m striving to get goal today no matter what. It’s going to be an awesome day because I will strive for it to be. It might be rough, but Brandon will not treat me the way he treats Nelva. I hope he’s not there today. He has too much overtime so I doubt he will be. If he is and he talks to me that way I will simply state that he can’t treat me like that. That I haven’t done anything wrong and that I will be talking to his boss and he will be hearing about what Brandon is doing. Brandon isn’t going to like it if he messes with me. His boys deserve better.

Today’s payday and I’m so glad. I have money again. It’s wonderful. So I had thought today. So whoever comments and likes my blog today if you could tell me your name, where you are from, and one thing you like about yourself and why you like that. I would love to get to know you guys a little bit.

Thank you so much for the love I received on my blog post yesterday and the likes, views, and comments. It means so much to me.

I love you and have a great day. Thank God It’s Friday!!! Take care. We’ll talk soon.

Love you guys,



4 thoughts on “My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 111

  1. I’m so happy you have your nice bed now! It’s so important to be able to rest well in order to recharge the body. Hope this day is going well for you and all concerned! I AM holding you in my HEART in Love, as always. 💞xxx

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