My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 102

Good morning. Well it was. I woke with a headache about four or so in the morning and I took some medicine and went to the bathroom and went back to bed. I decided to set my alarm and get up at seven. Well I got up at seven. I was having my second cup of coffee when the nausea hit. I thought if I sat there it would be pass well it didn’t. I won’t go any further. So after I thought I was okay again I got up and cleaned up my trash can and put a bag back in my trash can. I rinsed out my trash can in the tub so I’ll clean my tub when I get home. My tub needs to be cleaned anyway. When I visited my sister last week she gave me some cleaner. This has taught me a important lesson. One I don’t take care of myself. I need to stop eating out and cook at home. I can eat out, but once a month. I can have a cheat date, but not a cheat week. I cheated a little extra this month because it’s my birthday, but I can’t do that again. It’s going to cheat, but I need to stop doing it all the time. Second I need to stop worrying and be anxious about stuff. I need to find other outlets because I think that worried and being anxious are a big part of this too. Lastly being sick is no fun and I hate being sick.

Work went well last night. I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked because Corey who is my other co workers we kept getting called all night. I’m like really. One time I was called because she wanted some water. I’m like really. I didn’t say that to her, but I’m like oh my god. Then I had to open another register and I’m like really. It took me past eight thirty to get out of there, but I’m trying. I really am. Nate is opening this morning so I got in at ten and Nelva is closing. I’m going to talk to Nate and get some feedback about how to improve. This is going to be a fun day. But I’m going to keep a positive attitude and just go with it. I’m just glad I’m not closing. I need a break. I’m going by the farm when I get off and see my family. I’m excited about that.

Thank you to those who reached out to me yesterday about my phone. I just wanted to let everyone know that my dad came to rescue. He has an old smartphone that he’s not using. I’m going to have him send it to me and I will pay the activation fee and have it turned on so I can have a phone. I’m so excited. Yay for my dad!!! I bragged about him on facebook. I am so grateful to have him in my life.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll talk to you guys later. I love you and take care. We’ll talk soon.

Love you guys,



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