My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 100

Good morning. Heading back to Asheboro to see my sister Chris. She’s going through a really hard time in her life right now. Her mother in law is not doing well and it’s very possible she will die. Her mother-in-law has had cancer for a long time and she’s on her last rope I believe. She has lived with my sister and her husband for a long time now and it’s been rough having her there and I know my sister and she will feel guilty for things she has said to her, but she shouldn’t because she hasn’t done anything to her, but one I’m her sister and I can say that and second I don’t want her to feel guilty about it and third and last I just want her to be happy. She’s got a lot to be thankful for. She’s got the greatest husband ever (well in my book he is), a home, a good job and I mean a very good job. She’s a high school science teacher now and she’s been doing it for almost 9 years now. She makes good money, and the list could go on. I’m so proud of her and I love her so much. She’s just really great. She and I had a weird sort of relationship. We weren’t close when we were younger, but as we got older and I “grew” up a little we got closer. We really got closer when I fractured my foot back in September of 2016. I can’t believe it will a year in September 2017. That’s crazy. But she was really there for me during that time and kept encouraging me and she would come to see me. Now I know she’s my sister and she should do that, but not everyone has sisters or family members that will come visit them. But I am fortunate that my family is not like that. She came visit and she encouraged me as much as she could. She’s awesome. She’s my hero and she’s a wonderful person. I want to be there for her during this time and help her in anyway I can.

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I was really tired from the party Saturday so yesterday I didn’t do much. I did get my chinese and it was so good. I didn’t even have a headache today and I’m so glad. I called my father for Father’s Day and he was doing much of anything. He was having a fuzzy day with his head. The weather really messes with his head with his vertigo. But he’s fine and that’s all that matters to me. I’m going to plan a trip to see him in August for his birthday. I’m very excited about that. I just need money for food and gas. I can stay with my dad. I want to treat him to dinner for his birthday. I love my dad. He and my sister Chris have been my rock, my supporters, encouragers, and just have been there and shown up in so many ways. I’m very grateful for them both.

Well that’s all for now. I’m going to head out soon. I love you guys. Take care and have a great day! Talk soon.

Love you guys,


P.S. Please keep my family in your prayers, or sending your loving, comforting vibes, or whatever you feel you want to do. My dad’s cousin Debbie died. She had MS for years and she was just a very sweet lady. Her mother my dad’s aunt is just very upset and understandably so. My dad’s aunt is much older than her and wasn’t expecting her daughter to go before her. Thank you guys in advance. I appreciate it.

My oldest sister is the one in the yellow with the glasses. She’s the one I’m going to visit today. My other sister Megan is the one is the flowered dress.


6 thoughts on “My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 100

  1. My HEART is with you and your family during this time of grief over the loss of your loved one. May she be lifted up by the Angels and enfolded in the Eternal Light/Love. Sweet Blessings, Dear and very much Love. 💞xxx

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  2. I’m so glad your sister was there for you and you two are closer now. She sounds very kind taking care of her mother in law.
    I’m sorry your dad had a bad vertigo day. Those are miserable.I get fuzzy head when the weather is bad due to my inner ear so I really feel for him. And the loss of your cousin debbie. I’m so sorry to hear that.

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    1. Thank you. I am too. Yes. She is very kind. Thank you. Yeah. They’re miserable for me because I can’t do anything about them. Thank you. I only met her once, but my dad loved her and he thought a lot of her.


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