My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 97

Good morning! I had a wonderful day for my birthday yesterday. I worked and it was rough, but Sara my boss could tell I was struggling and she helped me through it. She and my other co workers got me a cake and a card. I went to the farm after work and Amy gave me a t-shirt, a book, and a decorative fan. Overall it was a wonderful day. I was very overwhelmed by the birthday wishes on my facebook page. I got texts from some of my friends as well and I got messages on facebook as well. I changed my facebook profile picture to my picture with my new hair cut. I wasn’t going to, but my dad wanted me to post it and I thought why not so I changed it. I have had one person to like it so far.

Today is a good day. I’m closing. I’m treating myself to a free meal at my favorite restaurant Twin Peaks for my birthday tonight after I get off work. Nate is back from his vacation. I got to see him yesterday. I hope he’s coming back to work today. I have missed him. I’m so glad he’s back.

I also have a date on Sunday. I finally talked to Angelo. He emailed me and he said he had a death in the family and that’s why he hasn’t contacted me. He also apologized about the texts he sent me that made me uncomfortable. We are getting together on Sunday. I texted him yesterday. He’s coming to Winston. He’s coming to the mall in Winston so I am meeting him. I am going in with the intention that I am not going to let him make me uncomfortable and I am not going to sleep with him. That maybe his intention I don’t know, but I won’t let it happen. Then Monday I plan to see my sister. I’m very excited. My oldest sister Chris and I are very close. I’m very excited to see her. She’s planning on making salad for lunch. This should be a fun day. I’m planning on coming home before my mom arrives home. It’s awesome.

I’m also planning while I’m off to work on my books also. It’s going to be great. I can’t wait to get them published.

That’s all for now. Have a great day everyone and I’ll talk to you soon. I love you!

Love you guys; take care,



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