My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 93

Good morning! Oh Lord. People and their drama. I came home last night from spending time with my family at the farm and my neighbor started in on me for parking in her spot when first of all I didn’t know she parked there and second we don’t have assigned parking. I’m like thinking I just want to go into my home and get a shower and get to bed. I tried to tell her I don’t care where parked. She was trying to be polite, but she was also very snooty. Oh well. I’ve talked myself through last night and then this morning and I’m feeling better about it. I realized it has nothing to do with me. If that’s the most important thing to her then that’s fine, but it’s not to me. I just won’t park in “her spot” and I’ll won’t talk to her. I won’t let her and her negative energy bother me.

Work was rough yesterday. I worked seven and a half hours yesterday. I think it was 7 and a half anyway. It felt like that anyway. We made goal though. Actually we went over goal and I’m glad. I was really worried. Everything that could have happened that was bad happened. It was the day from hell. I’m just glad it’s over. I went to the farm and hung out and had dinner and then went home to find my neighbor waiting for me. It was creepy, but anyway it’s all over and done with.

Today I went to the farm to clean the bathroom. I’m still cleaning the bathroom for six bucks. I’m doing it for this month only and then I won’t have to do again. Yay!! I decided to go over there today because I won’t be doing it next week. I’m possibly going to be seeing my sister Chris next week so. Chris is out for the summer, but her mother-in-law is not doing well. They are not expecting her to live much longer. She’s in hospice care. They’ve expected it for some time, but it’s still hard. I know Dustin and his sister are not dealing with it well. My sister is handling it okay, but I can tell she’s upset and bothered by it. I am just doing what I can to support her. I’m going to be there for her and help her through it by loving her and supporting her and encouraging her through it.

I’m also going to do some writing today. I’m going to get my books ready to publish. I’m very excited about it. My book Fear of Abandonment is coming along very well. I’ve had to re write several chapters because I’m taking the story in a different direction. I’ve decided to write about the verbal abuse and manipulation I suffered at my mother’s hand. I’m very excited about that. I have to say since I took the story in that direction the words seem to flow out of me. I haven’t written on it for some time though. I had a bit of writer’s block with it, but now I’m seeming to find my way again. I’ve written other things in the meantime which is good. I want to be writing even if it’s not a book. I think it’s good for me to write all the time. I love to write. It helps me to channel my feelings and help me to vent and get things out in the open. I love it. I really do.

Well that’s’ all for now. I’ll keep you updated. Love you and have a great day!

Love you,



2 thoughts on “My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 93

  1. You are doing great! I AM so proud of you for understanding the neighbor’s parking place issue was not her real problem and not taking it personal. I hope today is going more smoothly for you, Kathleen! Angel Hugs! 😇 I love you. 💞xxx

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    1. Thanks Betty. It wasn’t easy, but I was able to do it. I’m glad that I was able to not take it personally. I normally would have. It’s a sign of growth. Thank you. My day went very smoothly. I love you too!!

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