My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 66

Good morning one and all. I had a great day yesterday. Work was awesome. The customers got on my nerves, but everything else is fine. Sara and I had a wonderful conversation yesterday and I enjoyed talking to her. It was awesome. She’s very sweet and very supportive. I love it.

I got to write some yesterday for my book Fear of Abandonment. I am re-writing Chapter 8. I decided to write about my verbal abuse and manipulation in book. I’m very excited about that. I also met a fellow author through a classmate and friend of mine. Her name is Cathy. She is working on her third novel. She says if I am interested she’ll read my book. I told her I would let her know. I’m very excited. She is also going to send me some stuff to help me and give me pointers and stuff. I’m very excited about that.

I’m still planning my mini vacation to Boone. I got to talk to Michael this morning and he’s going to give me Hank’s number. I can’t wait to text him. I am really hoping that I can get to see him. I’m so excited. I haven’t seen Hank since he came here to visit when I was here. It’s been at least two months. It’s awesome. I’ll post a picture of Hank for you guys so you can see what he looks like.

I dropped my application for my apartment last night. I got my letter of acceptance and I’m so excited. I am going to call today to make sure the manager got my application and all that stuff. I’m very excited. I don’t have to go to work till 1 today. I’m going to do a deep clean to the bathroom today since I will be out of town on Thursday and Friday. I am so excited to be having this mini vacation. It’s the only thing that has helped me to get through this week at work. I’m very excited.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll keep you guys posted on everything.

Have a great day and I love you. We’ll talk soon.

Love you,


P.S. As promised. This is Hank. Tell me what you think.




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