“Buried Alive”

This is the first piece of my book called: My Life In My Own Words. This is the first book I ever wrote. I’m not done yet. It’s not time to end this just yet. It’s still being written. Someday it will be published for everyone who hurt me, betrayed me, and decided to mess with me will see it even my mom who verbally abused me will see it. I’ll prove to her and everyone that I am powerful, beautiful, talented, smart, and that I made it without her help or anyone’s help for that matter. I am not strong. Being strong kept me in chains. Being strong kept me enslaved. Being strong made me feel weak, useless, and worthless. Well not more. I’m not buried alive anymore. I am free. I am free to be me and I’m so glad. I hope you enjoy this piece. Let it inspire you to be the best you possible!!

Love you guys,



“Buried Alive”

Dedicated to; Myself, Kathleen Wyatt

I was buried alive until I met you.

I was buried alive heading down the wrong path.

I lost my sense of self.

I lost myself all together.

I lost my way.

You helped me find my way again.

You helped me realize that I wasn’t being true to myself.

You helped me realize that I needed to be authentic.

Because of you I have found my authentic self.

Because of you I am true to myself.

Because of you I am no longer going in the wrong direction.

Because of you I am no longer buried alive.



18 thoughts on ““Buried Alive”

      1. I know everyone probably says it so it may sorta lose its meaning but thanks for what you do, I feel buried sometimes, but thru you and others I can see that there is a way out, thank you you dear for what you do sorry so heavy just a lot going on, well wish always 💓

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      2. Thanks Cory. It helps to know you are not alone. I still have my days, but I’m glad that this piece helped you. Don’t be sorry and what you say doesn’t lose it’s meaning. It’s very encouraging. This is the whole reason I write my blog.

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  1. Keep me posted regularly on your progress with the book you are writing. I would love to hear more about it. I will be more than happy to read it as soon as it gets published. It is a blessing to come to terms with your past, and to find peace with all that you cannot change
    Besides, I have a surprise waiting for you in my previous post.

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