My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 45

Good morning my beautiful ones! How are you this morning?! I’m doing well. I’m feeling much better. I finally got me some muscle rub and it is helping me so much. It’s wonderful. I’m still sore, but not like I was yesterday. I’m so glad I didn’t have to work yesterday. I rested a lot yesterday. I’m glad I needed it. I was tired. I got a lot done with my book yesterday. I almost finished chapter five and I started Chapter 6. I am so excited.

Today I will be finishing chapter five of the editing process and working on Chapter 6. I’m so fucking proud of myself for sticking with this. I love it. I am off today and I’m getting my hair cut. I’ll show before and after pictures to you guys once I get it done. I can’t wait. I want a cut that says, “Hey world this is the real me.” I think it will. Stacey is doing my hair. She’s Tyler’s hairstylist and I think I’m going to like her alot. I’m very excited.

I’m also going to clean the bathroom. It needs another deep clean. It’s unbelievable how quickly that bathroom gets dirty and with another roommate moving in I’m sure it will get even more dirty.

Oh yeah Greg who is a friend of Tyler and Michael’s is moving into the house as another roommate. I’m so excited. We all voted him in. He wanted to move in before, but it never worked out. I’m glad this time it did. Greg is a sweetheart and he’s a wonderful human being. He has a lot to offer to the world. I’m so proud of him. He’s one of the few people who I first met who touched me in a very special way. I can’t explain it, but Greg is just a very special human being. He’s very special to me. I don’t have any romantic feelings for him. He’s not my type at all, but he’s a very good friend. It’s rare to find people like Greg in your life and actually get to keep them. He’s one I will definitely keep.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great day my loves and I will talk to you soon.

Love you guys to the moon and back,


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