My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 42

Good morning one and all!! I feel heavy this morning. I have a lot on me this morning. But I will tell you that at some other time. I did however give my notice yesterday and Robin and everyone took it rather well. I was surprised. I thought she would be mad, but she was genuinely happy for me. At least she seemed to be. My last day with Tanglewood is Friday May 5th. I’m so excited. I also made $31.50 in tips. I’m so excited about that. I also get tomorrow off. Robin doesn’t need me to work so she’s giving me the day off, but she’s letting me work Wednesday so I don’t lose my hours. I told her thank you and I meant it. I like that I have Sunday off. I’m excited. It’s nice. I’m waiting and staying in my room and trying to be quiet. We had a dinner with all the roommates last night and we discussed how and what it was like living at the farm and we discussed other things like helping to clean the kitchen and etc. We talked about quiet hours which I thought was a good idea. You don’t want people making a lot of noise while you are trying to sleep. It’s all about love and respect for the other person. I thought that was nice. Today is my budget meeting with Tyler. We are going to discuss car insurance and rent and all that kind of stuff. Yay!! Fun fun. Not really, but it’s like and you deal with it and you deal with what’s been handed to you. So that’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted on my journey; my path. Have a great day and enjoy it. Do something fun!!

Love you guys,



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