My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 30

Good morning. Oh boy. What a day so far. Yesterday was a great day. I had to work, but it was good. Tyler and I met for our budget meeting. It turned out to be an emotional time, but that’s good. I learned a lot. I experienced tough love from Tyler and I am glad. I’m still sorting out through my feelings about my mom and whether or not I am able to forgive her for the verbal abuse I suffered from her. But I am working on that. It’s all apart of my life. I’m on my journey. I woke up this morning feeling happy and light, but I am more aware of the heaviness I am carrying. I didn’t know why at first, but now I do.

I’m working today. I don’t want to, but it’s okay. I’m hoping Robin will leave early. I am closing by myself today and tomorrow. Yes! It’s going to be great. My dad is visiting and I get to see him and my sister Christa on Wednesday. I’m so excited.

Well that’s all for now. I still haven’t heard from Goodwill, but that’s okay. I will. I know I will.

Have a great day everyone and I’ll talk to you again soon. I love you!!


P.S. The last quote that has the blue background was in a fellow blogger’s post one day and I had to share it with you guys. It really resonates with me. I think it’s trying to tell me something, but I haven’t grasp what it’s trying to tell me. Hope you enjoy it!!


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