My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 21

Good morning. Back to work I go. Bleh. But the good thing is I get to work with my favorite people so this will be a good day. So I didn’t talk to Tyler or Michael yesterday. I thought I was ready, but they were leaving for their trip last night so I decided to hang back. I saw him drive up and I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t ready. I hugged them when they left. Tyler was clearly upset. I told him it would be alright. We would talk when they got back. I think I’ll be ready by then.

I’ve got good news. I went for my second interview yesterday and it went well. Sarah who is the manager at Goodwill. She told me that another lady applied for the position I interviewed for and since she already works for company they want to consider her first, but Sarah wants to consider me for a cashier position. This would be 9.25an hour and it would be 34 hours or less, but it is full-time with benefits. I would work Saturdays and maybe like one Sunday or maybe more. I think it would depend. She wanted to see what my reaction would be. I told her that was fine with me. If the other lady doesn’t pass the tests that I did she will not get the job that I interview for and I will. If she does pass the tests then I am up for the Cashier position. So the way I see it I get a job either way. Sarah is going to talk to Human Resources and see what she can do. For the cashier position I would have reapply all over again, but Sarah is going to see if she can talk to Human Resources about that. We’ll see what happens. She is going to know something this upcoming week. So I will know something in a week and a half. I can’t wait. I’m so excited. I told her I didn’t mind waiting. I’m ready to leave Tanglewood I just need the job first. I’m also going to be doing the part-time thing with Tyler so I think my position financially will be much better. I’m very excited.

So I talked to my dad yesterday which is fine. I even handled everything okay with him talking about my mom. It wasn’t until he texted me and said he wanted me to contact her. I got upset then. I went off to meditate and I decided to write her a letter. I decided to do it to get everyone meaning my dad off my back, but also for my own peace of mind. I know that when I write the letter she won’t try to contact me anymore. I need some space from her and some time away from her. I am not in the place to forgive her for what she did to me and when I’m ready I will talk to her then.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated on everything. Have a great day!!

Love you guys so much,


P.S. Thanks to everyone who reached out to me and encouraged me. I truly appreciate you.


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