This is awesome!!

2 min readThroughout the years of raising my child, there were times that I encountered people who gave me a sad face, as they expressed their sorrow for me, but more for my son with special needs. They looked at Nate’s life, as if he was missing something since he is deaf, blind, and intellectually…

via All Children with Special Needs Have a Life — Faith to Raise Nate


Children with special needs are suching a blessing to me. I had learning disabilites when I was kid and they have affected me in my adult like that’s why I can relate to these kids so much. I love them with all my heart and my heart strings pull for them. I have a best friend who has a son who has special needs and he lives a normal life and his parents don’t lose their lives trying to take care of him. He’s just like everyone else. He has a life and it’s a good one. When our world sees that it would be a different place. It’s a beautiful article. Please read this. It’s so encouraging!!

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