My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 18

Good morning beautiful people. I’m having a good morning. I got my coffee and I’m happy. So I have lots of news so I’ll go ahead and get started. So first I had my interview with New York and Company and it went well, but the lady who did my interview forgot that she had the interview so she wasn’t really prepared. She asked me some questions and that was it. What really bothered me was that she didn’t know what the rate of pay the job was per hour. She said she wasn’t “provided” the information that only the store manager had that. She did know whether job was part-time or not. I’m like what the fuck. Are you serious? You are obvious under him he should tell you that. You should know that. I don’t know. I didn’t say anything to her. It’s all good. I decided I’m not going to go with that job. If they call back I’ll just tell them I need a full-time position. Which leads me to my second piece of information. I have an interview for a full-time position today this morning. It’s a company called Goodwill. They are a place where you can buy and donate used clothes and so on. My sister worked with them for a while. They are a great company and they also help people to find jobs as well. I would be a Lead Sales Associate. I would basically be what’s called a key holder which means I am closing the store and sometimes opening it. I like it. It’s also 10 dollars an hour. I like that and its 36 hours a week. I’m hoping it has benefits included and the best part it’s right near the house so that would save a hell of alot of gas. I’m very excited. We’ll see what happens. My third piece of information is I have a part-time job that was offered to me and I’m very excited about it. Tyler has a company that has an open position for support staff. I don’t know much about it yet. I’ll post all the details as soon as I have them. It’s a lot of money and it would help me with some of the debt from my school loans. Everything’s coming together and I’m so excited. I’ll keep you guys posted.

So I have to work today. I close again. I closed yesterday. I hate my job. I hate Tanglewood. Robin did nothing, but bitch and bitch yesterday. She has confidence in me that I can close and I’m thinking just because you do doesn’t mean that I do. I’m like whatever. I just hope this thing with Goodwill works out because I want out of Tanglewood. I have a good feeling about it. So we’ll see. Robin may have to leave today to do some stuff. I’m kind of hoping she does because I will just do hot, hamburgers, and cold sandwiches and stuff. The cold sandwiches aren’t that hard to make. I’m just going to stay positive.

I wrote a poem sometime back when my friends Mel and Tad went on a six week trip traveling on foot through Spain. I revised it and gave it to Tyler with my light of hope torch I made. I’m hoping it will help him. I told him to keep it for a while. He loved it. It made him smile. I love to see him smile.

Hope everyone has a great day. I’m off for the next days after today and I’m so excited. I love you guys and I’ll talk to you soon.


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