My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 10

Good morning! Listening to my favorite boy band ever Backstreet boys. I love these guys! Always there when I need them. I was going to check out the job this morning, but that just didn’t happen. It’s all good. There are plenty of jobs. I am going to just research today and tomorrow and make notes of the ones I want to apply to. I’m going to check out the other job on Thursday. I’m off that day so I’ll check that out. So I am doing my blog and journaling and all that lovely stuff. I started writing the sequel for my first book Fear of Abandonment and I’m working on writing and editing The Walking Mob and I edited Fear of Abandonment a little. I’m taking Sundays off to write my books. I talked with Tyler and Michael. I have to head back to Asheboro. It’s a long story. My mom is moving out and I have to get my furniture I left behind out of the house before the 1st of next month. My mom wants to be out of there by then so Chris and her have to move quickly. They have plenty of room for her stuff no place to store mine which is fine I don’t expect them too. I have to talk to Amy and see if she will let me borrow her car so I can get my desk. I’m thinking if everything will fit then I will just take Amy’s car and not mine, but Michael and I were discussing it and he thinks I should still take my car. He said it was something to think about and I will. I have to work today. I’m closing again which is fine. At this point I may be leaving soon so I don’t care about whether I close or not. I will find a full-time position soon and then I’ll give my two weeks notice to Robin. I hate to do that since I just started there, but it’s just not working out for me there and I personally believe I bit off a little more than I could chew on this one, but it was a great springboard to get me to Winston. I have some money coming from the school still and my first paycheck from Tanglewood is coming too. I have to talk to Tyler about when rent’s due and all that at some point. I’m added to the family plan at the YMCA which is nice. I got to take a shower there yesterday. We still don’t have hot water, but today the plumber is coming so I’m excited about that. So when I do my budget I have to add that YMCA membership to my budget. It’s only 20 bucks a month so I’m not complaining. Oh I got my period Sunday. Oh my god. What a thought. I’m very emotional and I’m trying to keep myself in check, but it’s been hard. Today should be a busy day. It’s going to be nice and sunny. It’s going to be 78 degrees. I’m so excited. I work with Robin today. I’m going to seek her out and ask for feedback and see how she thinks things are going. We’ll see how this goes. I’m kind of nervous, but oh well.

I decided not to call Home Depot about the job I interviewed for. I also decided not to interview for another position they emailed me about. They are part-time positions and I really want full-time so there is no point in interviewing for them.

On the whole I am happy. I am free and I am loved and respected, and I am safe. I love my life here and I told Tyler I really want to make things work. I truly believe in what’s going on here and I finally feel like I belong somewhere. I know my purpose and I am happy. I’m just having a tough time with my mom. She called me Sunday. I haven’t called her back. I talked to my dad a little bit. I didn’t tell him about the verbal abuse I received. He advised me to forgive her. I want to, but I’m not ready to do that just yet. I know I will, but I’m not ready yet. It’s been hard for me, but I’ve been talking about the verbal abuse. I’ve told a few people like Tyler and Michael and stuff, but I told Randy who is going to be living on the property. He’s a complete stranger, but I told him and I felt so good about that. He didn’t judge me or anything. He listened and I felt supported. It was awesome.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you updated. Have a great day everyone!

I love you guys so much. Thanks for your encouragement, support, and most of all your love,


2 thoughts on “My Journey; My Path: The Next Chapter Day 10

  1. Hey, if you like the BSB’s, have you also heard the groups Holiday Parade or 5 Seconds of Summer?

    Two awesome boy bands, haha…. HP sings this cool song called “Gone.” I don’t know any other of their songs yet, but I like that one. And 5 Seconds of Summer sings a song called “Amnesia.”

    Check them out and let me know if you like them.

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