My Journey; My Path Day 192

The day has come. After almost 25 years of living in Asheboro I am moving to Winston-Salem. I couldn’t be happier. I am looking forward to this new chapter of my life. Thank you for your love, support, and encouragement. I wouldn’t be here with you. Thank you so much. I was up at four to start finishing the packing. I have to do some more, but not much. I’ve cleaned my bathroom. I’m ready to go.

I worked my last day yesterday. It was crazy, but it ended on a good note. I said goodbye to those I wanted to. I “went out” the way I wanted to. I left the way I was supposed to. Everything was as it should be. I am at peace. I am happy.

Live couldn’t be better. I am sad. I actually cried a little. I will miss it in Asheboro. I’m leaving behind memories, my family, and my friends, but I am moving to a new place to start over and start a fresh. I am starting over from scratch. I have waited for this for years. It is finally happening. I am so excited. I got to a job everyday that doesn’t make me feel like shit and I don’t have to go home to a place where I feel like shit anymore. I can come to a place that I call home that makes me feel strong and safe.  It’s very nice. I love it. I posted about it on my facebook. It made me so happy to finally be able to tell everyone! I’m very excited.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll talk to you soon. Love you guys so much. Sending as much to you guys as I can…



14 thoughts on “My Journey; My Path Day 192

  1. Congratulations! It takes great courage to make such a move. But how exciting – just to think, a whole new world of wonderful possibilities to explore! If at any time the “newness” should ever seem overwhelming, remember that the Universe is with you and supporting you all the way. My HEART is with you, always in Love.

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