My Journey; My Path Day 186

Good morning beautiful people. How are you this morning? I am wonderful. I am in my new home and I’m so happy to be here with my family. I can’t wait to move in next weekend. I can’t believe next weekend I’ll be here full-time. It’s awesome. Had an fucking awesome night last night. It was just me and three boys. Amy my other roommate went to a thing her friend was involved in. We had the most amazing dinner. We did pork tenderloin, chicken roasted on an open fire Michael made, and veggies and potatoes. It was just awesome. I just wish I had slept better. I kept waking up to go to the bathroom. Other than that it was an awesome night. I’m not looking forward to going “home” today. But I gave myself a good pep talk and had a good cry and now I feel better. I know that this upcoming week is my last week of work at my job and I’m getting ready to start my new chapter of my life. I’m so excited. I’m going back to the mall today to drop off an application. I went to the mall yesterday and did some job hunting. I did quite a bit online too. I have a couple of jobs I’m interested in applying for. It’s very exciting. Tyler and I talked a little bit about rent and some other things. I’m so excited. I know I will find another part-time thing. Once I have two part-time jobs I will work on studying for the MBLEx again and get my massage license. I’m so excited. Eventually I will replace one of my part-time jobs with doing the massage therapy part-time. I’m very excited about that. I am so happy. I wish my family could see that I am doing what’s right and what’s best for me. Maybe one day they will understand if not I don’t care.

Have a great day everyone!!

Sending you guys lots of love and a huge ass hug!!!




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