My Journey; My Path Day 185

Good morning beautiful people. I am in Winston spending time with my family. I love these guys. I am so excited to be moving soon. After the day I had yesterday I was glad to come here to get away from the drama. There was drama everywhere I looked and went yesterday. There was drama at work and at home. As I was leaving to come here last night my mom had to tell me about the drama that my sister and her husband were going through. I’m like really bitch seriously. Please don’t get me wrong. I love my sister and her husband and I care about what’s going on there, but I really didn’t want to hear about it as I am walking out the door. I hate the way my mother talked me to last night. She kept telling what to do. She kept saying don’t eat so fast. Don’t rush. I stood up to her and she backed off. I was so proud of myself. I’m tired of her. I’m tired of her abusing me with her words. She is so wrong for that. Oh well.

Today I am enjoying a new day. I got some much needed sleep and I’m going to be busy. I have somethings to do today and then it’s whatever after that. I’m sure we will have something going on here tonight. I never know what’s going to happen when I come to the house, but I don’t care. I’m all in. I love to get my hands dirty while I’m here. I just go with it. It’s awesome. It’s awesome way to live life. I can’t wait to live here full-time.

Have a great day everyone and have a great weekend.

Sending you guys all the love I can muster,



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