My Journey; My Path Day 183

Good morning beautiful people. How are you? I’m doing well this morning. I feel light and happy. So what’s everyone got planned today? I would love to hear your thoughts.

I am planning to donate some more of my stuff this morning after I drive the bus. I have a few things to get done today. I’m mainly going to get ready for my interview tomorrow. I’m so excited. I would love it if I could do both jobs. I’m also going to be loading up my stuff to take with me to take to the house after interview tomorrow. I can’t believe it. I got the results of my drug test yesterday for the Grill Assistant position and everything is good to go. I’m so excited. I was scared for a second. You know how your mind plays tricks on you sometimes when you worried or stressed. I knew everything would be fine, but I had this thought that my drug test was negative and I lost the job. Like I said I knew everything was fine, but you know what I mean. Your mind likes to play tricks on you. It surely did to me. The call from Abby from Human Resources help put my mind at ease.

I need to call my dad today. I’m low on minutes for my phone so I’m going to call him when I get back to the house. He’ll be excited about the other interview tomorrow. He’s very supportive of me moving. He was a little concerned about me moving in with two guys, but since Michael and Tyler are gay I don’t think that’s an issue. It doesn’t bother me that he’s concerned. I would rather have him in my life and be concerned than not be in my life and not concerned at all.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s Friday. These two weeks are going to go by quick. Well that’s all for now. I’ll keep you guys informed on everything. Haven’t heard from Home Depot yet anyway.

Have a great day!

Sending you guys lots of love today,



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