My Journey; My Path Day 182

Hey everyone!! Good morning to you beautiful people. Thank you to everyone who has followed me in the last few days. I truly appreciate it. Thanks for all the comments with such kindness and support and encouragement. I truly appreciate it.

So today I have a lot to do. I have to do laundry and get everything ready for this weekend. I’m planning on taking a load up to Winston when I go for my interview and I’m going to pack everything on Thursday and then Friday will be my day for packing the last minute items like bathroom stuff and then I’m going to take it to work so I don’t have to go home. I’m ready. I’m so ready for the weekend. It’s helping me get through this weekend. I’m also going to go ahead and change my address with the post office. I’m also going to change my address on SECU account and I’m going to tell sell some more of my stuff. I have to put that on Craigslist today. I’ve also got to check on what times the goodwill opens. Goodwill is a place where you can donate or buy things. I’m going to donate some more of my stuff. I was packing my clothes yesterday and I found stuff I don’t wear that’s just sitting in my closet. I have two closets in my room at the place I’m moving into, but I need room for the clothes I am going to keep. I’m just tired of keeping stuff that I know I will never use. I know that sounds silly, but I don’t care. I want others to be able to use the stuff I don’t use. Someone else might need it.

I haven’t heard anything from Home Depot yet. I’m really excited about the interview on Friday. I would love to get this one just because it would be in the same place as the other position that I have taken with Tanglewood. I’ll keep you posted. I emailed Tyler yesterday with a “special” update. He’s happy for me. I know he is.

I’m so happy. I’m light. I couldn’t help, but notice that this morning. I feel like. I was moving around just stretching this morning and I noticed how easy I was able to move myself around. Normally that wouldn’t have been the case. I’m so excited. The next chapter of my life is beginning. It’s so exciting and awesome. My mom says she’ll miss me. She said that last night. She also said she was excited for me. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude about her saying that. After everything we’ve been through especially lately it’s been hard to keep a positive attitude with her. But I’m going to keep trying.

That’s all for now. I will keep you posted on everything.

Have a great day everyone!!

Sending you guys as much love as I can,




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