My Journey; My Path Day 181

Good morning everyone! I hope you are doing well this morning.  I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday. 3 more days to go till Friday. Thank God! Today I am going to do some packing and I went for my drug test for Tanglewood. I’m so excited. I gave my notices to my bosses today and yesterday for my other boss. I can’t believe it. It’s finally happening. I went by the house yesterday after the interview to drop off the first load of my stuff. I’m very excited. So as I was writing this blog I got a call from Tanglewood about another position. I’m so excited. I have an interview Friday morning at 9am. It’s all coming together. I can’t believe it. This is so exciting.

The interview yesterday with Home Depot went well. I should be hearing from them about a second interview if they are interested if not they have decided on someone else.

I’ll keep you guys informed on the other interview and other stuff.

Take care and have a great day!!

Much love to you guys I am sending lots of it,


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