My Journey; My Path Day 176

Good morning beautiful people. How are you?! I’m happy/refreshed. I’m happy beyond words. I’m beyond words to describe it. I’m feeling good about my life. Yesterday was a much better day with my kids on the bus. I think I had a breakthrough. It was awesome. We’ll see what today holds. I got my federal tax return. I’ve paid my bills and I have money left over. It’s wonderful. God is good.

Haven’t heard anything back from the other jobs yet, but I will. I’m not worried. Tanglewood is still calling my references. I know they’ve called one of them because my friend I put down as a reference has been contacted. I’m so excited so very excited.

Today I’m going to go to State Employee Credit Union and try to refinance my car. I tried to discuss it with my mom and she just started immediately telling me what to do and she wasn’t very nice about it. I knew that she was in one of her mood’s yesterday. So when I tried to talk to her last night about the car I saw it. I saw her mood in full color. In it’s truest color. I haven’t told her about the job yet. I want it to be secure and I want to talk to Tyler before I do. I think she knows something is going on, but she doesn’t know what. I haven’t talk to her much about my job stuff. I know she doesn’t support it or my moving so why bother. I understand and see it from her side, but I also have to be my own person and I have to move forward. She even got mad because I paid my bills ahead of time which I told her I was going to do anyway. She also was upset about me and the stuff I need to get done to the car. Well the way I see it is it has to be done and since I have the money I might as well do it. I forgive her though. When she’s in one of her moods I don’t say much. I actually changed the subject and that seemed to help. I’m also going to start packing for my dinner tomorrow night with Tyler. I’m so excited. I’m also going to do some job searching. I have to update Tyler tomorrow. I’m excited for that.

Thanks to everyone following my blog, for your comments, your love, your support, and encouragement. I wouldn’t be here with you. I try my best to positive, happy, upbeat, and be the best me I can, but I am not perfect. I make mistakes and I have my days. Thanks for helping me through the bad and ugly days.

Have a great day and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Much love I am sending to you guys,




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