My Journey; My Path Day 171

Good morning beautiful people!! How’s everyone this morning!! I’m doing great. I’m happy, gracious, and grateful. Life has dealt me some pretty shitty stuff, but it has also dealt me some beautiful and wonderful things too. I am very gracious and grateful. I just want to say to Life thank you. I truly thank you!!

So I got some good news yesterday. I got a call from a job and it’s possible that I might take it. I need to talk to Tyler. I’m going to give him a call today and see if he wants to talk in person and or do a phone call. I’m so excited. I’m trying to remain calm. I managed to keep myself calm yesterday, but I am not telling anyone. I haven’t even told my parents or friends yet. I want to have something concrete before I tell them. I just can’t believe it. So here’s the story. I applied for this position back in August 2016 it might have been before that, but I don’t really remember well I couldn’t take it at the time due to many things which I won’t go into and then of course I fractured my foot in September of 2016 and I have been out of work for four months and then February of 2017 I went back to work. I’ve been applying to jobs since January 2017. I decided recently to apply to some part-time ones as well. The position is Grill Assistant in Tanglewood. Tanglewood is a part in Winston-Salem, Clemmons area. It’s a beautiful place. They have this thing called Festival of Lights at Christmas time and they do the whole park with different Christmas lights and they have all sorts of stuff. It’s very beautiful. So Robin she’s the manager of the Grill and she will also be my boss if I decide to take the job. She called and said because I had interviewed for the position before that I didn’t have to go through that again. She’s going to go ahead and push it through to Human Resources. So I should be expecting a call soon. I’m glad she didn’t call yesterday because I need time to talk to Tyler. It’s a part-time position and I think it would be a great spring board for me to get to Winston-Salem and then in the meantime try to find another part-time job as well to help me get settled in. There is only one con to this. It’s part-time and it’s less money. But there are a lot of benefits or pros I like to call them. One being like I said it’s a great spring board, I have money coming from income taxes and I will get my February paycheck to help me cover my bills for at least two months. The list of pros is a lot so I won’t list them all. I truly feel in my gut and in my heart that this is the moment I’ve been waiting for and that it’s time for me to jump.

I’m still going to apply to more jobs and see if I can find a second part-time job too. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to talk to Tyler and see what he thinks. I’ll keep you guys updated and let you know what happens and if I decide to take the job or not.

Today I need to donate more of my stuff and I’ve got two bookcases on Craigslist for sale. I’m hoping those will go quick.

Just remember that your dreams are worth fighting for. Thanks for your support and encouragement on this journey/path as you have taken this journey/path with me.

Have a great day and a great weekend. I’ll talk to you soon.

Much love I am sending to you guys,



8 thoughts on “My Journey; My Path Day 171

  1. Congratulations my dearest on your new job. Am very positive that everything will work out for your own good. This is the beginning of great things to come. I am full of smiles reading this and I want you to be. Wear your best smiles always, that’s the best makeup you are going to need as you begin your new job. Welcome to your season of laughter and fulfilment. All the best dearie

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