My Journey; My Path Day 170

Good morning!! Hello beautiful people. How is everyone this morning? I’ll be honest. I’m tired. I’m just glad it’s Friday. I have the whole weekend to rest.

Yesterday oh man what a day I had. My kids on my bus decided to act crazy. What else is new right? Oh well. On the bright side I did start a new list and I found some interesting job openings and I can’t wait to start applying to. I did complete one of my assessments for Express. I just need to do the other one. I haven’t received it yet. I might have deleted it by accident, but I’m not sure. I emailed the lady I interview with. Haven’t heard back from her yet. If I don’t get it today I’ll them Monday and let them know I didn’t receive it.

Today I’m starting with my new list and I’m going to start applying for jobs. I’m also updating Tyler on what I am doing and what’s going on. I love it when I get to talk to him. He’s the best. He’s awesome. I am hoping I can sell two of my bookcases. One is mine and the other is my mom’s so I have to ask her first.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll talk to you guys again soon.

My advice for today is keep your head up high and learn to forgive. You can truly be set free from your past and those that hurt you by forgiving them for you not for them. By you forgiving them for you; YOU can move forward with your life, your achievements, and your future that is just so beautiful.

Have a great day everyone!! Have a great weekend as well. Thank God It’s Friday!!

Much love I am sending to you right now,


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