My Journey; My Path Day 168

Good morning beautiful people! How are you?!! Thank you for everyone who looked at my blog post yesterday or made comments on it. Thank you so much. That means so much to me.

Oh man what a day I had yesterday. I started out fine and then I got a call from Tyler which was fine. I love it when he calls or texts. But then I started to get overwhelmed. I have had a lot of stuff going on at work since I got back last week. I went to work to drive the bus yesterday afternoon and I started to pray. I started to cry. I felt so much better. I had a great afternoon with my kids and I was able to get my cleaning done when I got back to the school. My coworkers bothered me, but that’s okay. They always do. I got angry as I talked about it to myself in the car on my way home. But the best part of my day was that I have an interview this morning at 10:30. It’s a temp service called Express Employment Professionals. They help people find work whether it’s part-time or full-time or it’s seasonal or permanent. I’m very excited. Also when I go home last night. I got a text from Tyler which made me smile. I had texted him earlier and said thank you for calling me and that it really made my day. He also told me I had mail from the State Employee’s Credit Union who I applied to in the past. I’ll let you know tomorrow what happens. I’m so excited to be heading to Winston today. I love it there. It’s my home. It’s where my heart is. I can’t wait to call Tyler today after the interview. He told me when he called yesterday and he also told me when he texted to call him so I will. He’s the best and he’s so sweet. Couldn’t ask for a better friend than that. To top it all off he actually asked if there was anything he could do for me when he called yesterday. Oh man. I wish he could take all this pain I feel away. I wish he could. I told him no. But it’s all good.

Well that’s all for now. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Have a great day everyone and may God bless you…

Sending you as much love as I can,


6 thoughts on “My Journey; My Path Day 168

  1. I just started following your blog but I must say, I love the day-to-day postings of your life. It’s like an online journal. I sincerely hope you find the job that you want. It is extremely tough out there right now but don’t give up. And since you have such an upbeat personality, I don’t think you will.

    Best of luck!


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