My Journey; My Path Day 163

Hello!!! Good morning you beautiful people. I hope everyone is doing well this morning so far. I am heading to work soon. I am so glad it’s Friday. I am sending my update to Tyler today. I am glad that this week is almost over. It is over. It’s been a rough week going back to work. My kids are acting crazy. Wow!! But I am remain positive today and I feel today is going to be a good day. I feel it all the way down into my soul. I have a lot to do today and tomorrow, but I will stay focused and get everything done. I hope you have a great day today. I’m applying to more jobs and other things. Tomorrow will be more of my planning things out and mapping out what next week will look like and packing some more of my stuff. My mom actually asked me last night if I was packing already. I said I was packing things I didn’t need and that I didn’t use. She said okay. I was shocked she didn’t say more. I guess it takes “us” standing up for our dreams and fighting for them for some people to see that “we” are serious about it. I am serious about my dreams. I will fight for them. I will. Even on the bad days I will fight and keep moving forward.

Have a great day everyone and believe in the beauty of your dreams. I know that last part is a quote, but I can’t remember who said it.

But here’s one by CoCo Chanel that I think you will like. “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Much love I am sending to you guys,


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