My Journey; My Path Day 160

Good morning everyone!!

Hope you are doing well. I hope you have a wonderful day today!!

I had a great day yesterday and life couldn’t get any better, but it did. I heard back from the State Employee’s Credit Union yesterday and I am calling them as soon as I get off the bus this morning. Oh man. I’m on fire. I am still glowing. Well I couldn’t say that exactly. I’ll say I’m so happy and excited that I’m ready to burst. This is a great position. It’s Tuesday-Saturday and I would work second shift. So the hours would be like 2:30-11:30pm. Oh man this would be a better position than Office Depot because I wouldn’t have to work a bunch of crazy hours. I can’t believe it. Two jobs prospects at the same time. Oh man oh man. Can’t you tell I’m excited?!! I think if I got any more excited I would start a fire. I’ll keep you guys posted on everything. I hope to hear from Office Depot soon. The store manager just had his last interview yesterday. I’m sure they will make their decisions soon.

My foot is hurting, but I am doing okay with it. It’s better than it was. I’m just happy to be back at work. I’ve taken some ear plugs from my boss’ office so I don’t have to listen to anyone and be bothered while I’m working. I realized that when I got up this morning that I can’t do this job anymore. I can’t physically do the job and I can’t do it because I’m not mentally, emotionally, and spiritually I can’t. My body and my other parts of me can’t do it. My “Whole” Self can’t do it. I really hope one of these job prospects work out so I can move next month. Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great day everyone!!

Sending you lots of love, light, and happiness….

Much love I am sending to you guys,




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