My Journey; My Path Day 158

Hey everybody!  How’s everyone on this beautiful Sunday morning. I am doing well. I’m tired, but I’m alright. I didn’t feel good when I woke up this morning so I took some medicine when I got up around 2:30 and tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t so when my alarm went off I turned it off and went back to sleep I finally got up around seven and started my day. I didn’t listen to my body, but that’s okay. I know how I feel. I’m tired. My head is better than it was. I’ve got a few things to do, but they are easy tasks so I’m going to get them done quickly so I can get some rest. I have to go back to work tomorrow. I may not be there much longer. So I had the interview yesterday afternoon at Office Depot and it went well. I should be hearing this week if I get a second interview. After that I should hear if I get the job. I really want this job. I really hope that I get it. I’m updating Tyler tomorrow and I’m going to tell him that if all goes well as I hope it will I will take this job. There are so many pros to it. It’s full-time possibly with benefits and it would mean more money more than likely because it is a full-time position, but it’s a management position which I am very excited about. I will get days off and I can help and do stuff with Tyler and the rest of the gang on the farm which is very exciting. Besides it won’t be forever and this is something I have always dreamed of doing. Now I am however not going to get my hopes up either. I am going to wait and hear from the store manager and I’m going pray and hope I get the second interview. I really hope that he will call and say he wants to give me the job without the second interview. I want to be given a chance. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. So if you would send me some prayers, good luck vibes, or whatever you feel would be helpful this week. I start work tomorrow and they changed my bus route and I’m anxious. I feel better now that I have driven part of the route this morning that has changed. It’s wonderful. Not really, but it is what it is. I know my kids will help me to remember. They love to tell me when I’ve done something wrong. Kids are that way. I’m still applying to other jobs. Most of them I have some experience, but some I have little to no experience. I’m just putting my faith and trust in God. Well I’m putting what faith and trust I have in God left that he will help me. Well that’s all for now. I will keep you posted on what happens with the job stuff. If all goes well with this job at Office Depot I will be moving to Winston-Salem soon. I am so excited. I can’t wait to live there full-time.

That’s all for now. Have a great day everyone! Talk to you soon.

Much love I am sending to  you guys for a wonderful day today,



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