My Journey; My Path Day 154

Good morning everyone! Up early to get my day started off. I am happy. I have a lot going on today and I want to make sure everything gets done today. Man oh man what a day. Yesterday was a roud. gh day, but I am glad it’s over. So I had the interview yesterday and it was not what I expected. He basically told me I wasn’t what he wanted. I wasn’t qualified enough for the position and in the midst of the interview toward the end he offered me some advice. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never had anyone be that honest with me outside of talking to my best friend Tyler. Not a lot people are willing to be open and honest with you. He was though and I admire him even more for it. It felt good to see him again and interview with him. I appreciate him so much. So after the interview I went and checked out two more job offers. I went to one place and I was applying for the job in person on the computer and this guy walks up to me and is just so rude and nasty to me. He was just going on and on about when was I going to get done and how long I had been. I told him as politely as I could. I stood up for myself and I told him I’m sorry I was just following the rules. He didn’t like that and walked away. I finished the application part, but there was two parts. One part was the application and the second was an assessment. I was going to do the assessment, but I decided to leave. He made me angry and feel so bad so I left. I went I checked the other place. I did end up getting something to eat to because I was hungry and then I decided to go back and get the assessment done. I went back and it was perfect. I went back no one was there at the computer and I was able to finish my assessment. I guess God or whoever you want to call it saw how I treated that man and did something nice for me because I treated him the way I wanted to be treated. I’ve learned my lesson. You treat people the you want to be treated. In the end it will pay off. You may not always see it, but it will pay off. This is living proof of that. I am going to apply for some more jobs today and hopefully I will hear back from them. I am very excited about my beautiful future and the next chapter of my life. I’ll keep you posted. My doctor’s visit tomorrow. I am so excited. I can’t wait to go back to work so I can start making some money again.

I hope everyone has a beautiful day!

Much love to you all,


P.S. The top picture with the words that say Be Bold.. I found that at the place I will applying to today. I found that yesterday and it gave me the encouragement I needed. So I took a picture. I wanted to share that with you today!!


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