My Journey; My Path Day 151

Hello my friends!

This is early probably for some of you. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. I’m up early because I can’t sleep. I have a lot on my mind. Most of my thoughts actually all of my thoughts are for my future. I haven’t told anyone else other than my parents, my sisters, and one or two close friends that I am moving to Winston-Salem. Well I’ve written about it on here as well and anyone who has read my blog has read my journey. I am referring to my family and my circle of friends. The biggest obstacle in this journey/path is my relationship with my mom. She doesn’t support this. She “says” she does, but she doesn’t. I know she doesn’t. It hurts. It really does. Our relationship is strained. She had the nerve to ask me yesterday if I was still moving. I said I was. I’ve already started selling my stuff. I sold my small white desk I had for twenty bucks. My mom was surprised because I had just put it up for sale on Friday. I was surprised myself, but they took it. I am so happy that they did. I am excited to see what else I can sell. Even if I have to donate my stuff to get rid of it I will. I am so excited. But my mom doesn’t want me to move. I know why. She doesn’t want me to leave. But it’s also because of Tyler I believe. Tyler is gay and she doesn’t support him and his relationship with Michael and the fact that they are getting married. I do and that’s where we differ. Our relationship has been having issues even before that. She’s very negative and she worries about everything. It’s so draining to get her to stay positive. I’m not doing anymore. She hasn’t said anything lately. I think she’s starting to take my seriously for once and I don’t have to act like a child to do that. All my life I have wanted my parents to take my seriously, but I thought I had to act like a child to do that, but I am realizing that I need to be myself “my true self”. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of me. I care too much what people think. I really do. I have let fear captivate me for too long. No more. I will not live in fear. I will face my fears one day at a time. This, my relationship with my mom is my main reason for wanting to move to Winston, but the main reason is because I am not happy in Asheboro anymore. I’ve lived here for almost 25 years and I am ready to move on. I feel it is my time. I really do. I am ready. I just have to plan, trust God and everything will work out. I hope when you read my posts you are inspired and encouraged to follow your heart and follow your dreams. We all have them and it’s up to us to help each other bring them out.

Hope this post finds you well and that it inspires and encourages you.

Have a great day!!!

Much love to you all,


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