My Journey; My Path Day 144

Hello guys!

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m so excited. I’m having so much fun. Got up early and did some things. I’m back now doing some more stuff. I am working on my “plan of action” for moving to Winston. My talked with Tyler yesterday was so great and made me realize that this is my home and this is where I belong. I feel like I can be myself here and when I’m home I have to hide who I am. I hate that. So I’m doing what I have to do to get the fuck out of my home in Asheboro and move to Winston. My foot has been hurting some and it has swollen the past two nights, but I’m doing well with it. Tyler has been helping and taking care of me. He’s such a great support system for me. So I’m making plans and I’m going to start looking for jobs. Tonight’s my last night. I’m going to be leaving sometime tomorrow. I hate to have to go back home, but I’ve enjoyed my time here and I’m happy I’m here. I know now that this is where I belong and where I want to be and where I am happy so this is what I want. I have to work hard and work my ass off to get here, but I am beautiful, strong, and capable of making it happen and I will make it happen. I’ll fill you in tomorrow about what happens tonight. I’ve met some very interesting people and have a fun time. Last night was great. I got to see my friend Adam who I haven’t seen in a long time. It was great. I’ve met some other people today who Tyler is connected with and stuff. I have some fucking awesome memories I will carry with me. I am going to take them home with me and when I am in a bad place or bad way or just having a bad day I can remember them and let them make me happy.

I’ll keep you guys posted on everything. I am so excited and so happy to be moving to Winston and coming home in a sense.

Have a great day you guys and don’t forget to make choices and do things that in the end will be best for you. Don’t worry about others and what they think because in the end you need to do what’s best for you.

I love you and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Much love to you,



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