My Journey; My Path Day 129


I’m sorry I’m posting so late. I’ve been spending some time with my mom and my sister and her husband. We got here last night and my brother in law’s mother is already getting on my nerves. But I am doing my best to stay away from her and being positive. I actually went and took a nap today just to get away from her. Oh man. She’s working on my nerves. Anyway enough of that. I’m enjoying myself. I didn’t think I would to be open and honest with you. But I am happy. I get to spend some quality time with my sister and her husband who I never get to spend time with. It’s very rare that I get to see them. They are both very busy with full schedules which I understand. It’s nice to have a break and to spend time with them. I’m sitting here now with my mom just tying away. She’s looking at calendars and showing me the cute animals. Overall it hasn’t been too bad. I’m just glad we are safe and it’s nice and warm here. Hope all is well with you and your family and friends. That’s all for now. I’m heading to bed soon. Hope you had a great day!

Much love to you,


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