My Journey; My Path Day 126


How is everyone this afternoon? I am happy. I am doing well. I have a lot to get done today. I am hoping to get everything done. I’m sure I will. Call the doctor’s office today and talked to Sharon and I have to get a note from them with the correct information on it. I’ll take it down there to them today and go from there. I got an email and voice mail from Mary Ann who is in Human Resources where I work. That’s how I knew the note from the doctor that she got was incorrect. I am hoping they will give it to me and not send it like they did last time. I can’t wait to go back to work so I don’t have to deal with this anymore. But on the bright side my foot is getting better. I can walk a little bit without assistance from either the boot or my crutches. I am so excited. It still hurts a little, but not as much as it did before. I am so excited. I am very excited. If I could bounce up and down I would because that is how excited I am. I’m so happy to be feeling better. I hate migraines. I can’t do anything when I have them. Oh well. Hope you guys are having a great new year so far. Mine got off to a rough start with the migraine I had, but other than that it’s been wonderful. So it is with that I will end this blog post for today. Wishing you a great day today and never stop believing in the beauty of your dreams. Not sure who said it, but I really like it so I leave you with that thought for today…

Much love to you,




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