My Journey; My Path Day 116

Hello everyone!

A Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!

I hope this entry finds you well. I am feeling okay today. I’m feeling sick. I had a migraine early this morning around 1 am close to 2 am. It was awful. It was the worst migraine that I have ever had. It was so sad coming on. It was so gradual and it lasted forever. Well it felt like forever. My mom and I were talking about it when I woke up around nine this morning and we both think it was the Cocco we had last night. Chocolate used to be a trigger when I was kid and I had migraines. I hate it. I really do. I never want one again. I’m going to my sister Chris and her husband tonight for dinner and I’m going to eat salad and meatballs. My mom is making meatballs and sauce for my sister Megan because she is allergic to a lot of food. So I’m going to eat some of them too. I’m laying here on the couch resting and letting the sun warm me today. It’s been so back and forth lately with the weather it’s amazing.  It’s really messing with my head, but oh well not much you can do about the weather. I’m just glad it’s not snowing and icing and that we have to worry about our power being out. I’m very glad for that. Well I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Have a wonderful day!

Much love to you,



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