My Journey; My Path Day 103


I am feeling deeply things today. I have always felt things deeply. I have always felt and I still feel guilty. But no more. I posted about it on facebook. I will share my facebook post. I hope this speaks to you. I hope it reaches down into your soul and resonates with you as it resonates with me.

Here is the facebook post:

is feeling things deeply. I’ve always felt things deeply and I felt and I still fell guilty about that, but I won’t anymore. I feel things deeply because I care. I feel things deeply because I am caring, compassionate, and passionate. These are qualities of my many qualities that I love. I think they are beautiful and I think they are my best qualities. We need more people to step out of the shadows and let these qualities shine. This is how we promote Love and not hate to others. This is how we help others to see their “true beauty”. Because there are so many people out there who are beautiful and they don’t realize it. They haven’t been told that they are beautiful. They haven’t been told that they are “truly” worth something. They have been told by family, friends, their enemies, their religion or whatever they believe, and society and the world these lies that they are not beautiful, that they are not “truly worth something. These lies and this poison is why we have so many divorces, wars, lies, greed, selfish acts, murders, rapes, the LGBT community having to hide who they are, no love, no unity, and so on. It’s no wonder our country is falling apart. We can’t even come to an agreement on anything and we have people not voting in elections because they don’t like who is running to be president. We need to share with others that they are beautiful and we do that by being open and honest without judgement and letting it come from a place of respect. This.. All this that I just said is how you and I together in unity promote Love and not hate…

Much love to you,



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