My Journey; My Path Day 97


Oh man boy oh boy do I have news for you. My best friend and his partner are getting married. They just got engaged. I’m so excited for them. I wanted to tell my mom, but I didn’t. I know how she feels about it and I can’t tell her. I couldn’t. It really hurts me that I couldn’t tell her. There are times when I want to tell her something and I can’t.

In other news my foot is still hurting. I was getting read to go to bed when I moved my foot slightly and I felt something and I felt a little bit of pain. I had just finished putting ice on it and I put the ice back on for a minute and that seemed to help. I took some medicine so I couldn’t take anymore. I went to bed and everything was alright, but this morning it hurts but not like it has been thank God for that. So I’m just going to rest and take it easy. Please keep me in your thoughts, prayers, or whatever you feel would help me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and have a great day!

Talk to you soon.

Much love to you ,




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